The fourth round of inspections of the Eleventh Provincial Party Committee completed the feedback

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  News from this 热议资讯station: According to the deployment of the Provincial Party Committee, the fourth round of inspection and feedback of the 11th Provincial Party Committee has been completed recently.

  The 10 inspection teams of the Provincial Party Committee carried out "one -to -one" feedback to 6 provinces and cities, 26 counties (cities, districts).Each inspection team notified the main responsible comrades of the inspection party organization, and feedback the inspection situation to the leadership team.The responsible comrades of the provincial and municipal committees participated in the feedback and made requests on the implementation of inspection and rectification work. The main responsible comrades of the inspection party organization made a statement.

  The feedback pointed out that the inspector party organizations were thoroughly studied and promoted to implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics and the 20th spirit of the party, and conscientiously implemented the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping's important speech on Anhui work, and resolutely implemented the decision -making deployment of the Party Central CommitteeAnd the work requirements of the Provincial Party Committee, various tasks have achieved obvious results.However, inspections have also found that some party committees have some problems in implementing the party's theoretical route policies, comprehensive and strict management of the party's strategic deployment, the party's organizational routes of the new era, and inspection and rectification requirements.The inspection team also received clues to some leading cadres, and has been transferred to relevant disciplinary inspection and supervision organs and organizational departments in accordance with relevant regulations.

  The feedback requires that the inspection party organization must study and implement the important expositions of General Secretary Xi Jinping's inspection work, effectively enhance the "four consciousness", firm the "four self -confidence", firmly support the "two establishment", resolutely achieve "two two"Maintenance", continuously strengthen political judgment, political understanding, and political execution, conscientiously implement the spirit of the provincial party committee's meeting, the special meeting of the provincial party committee secretary, and the spirit of the provincial party committee's inspection work leading group, and resolutely carry the responsibility of inspection and rectification.It is really hard in rectification, and resolutely grasp the implementation of rectification.It is necessary to fully implement the major decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the work requirements of the Provincial Party Committee, firmly grasp the strategic positioning of the "three places and one district", the "seven strong provinces" struggle goals, and the key tasks of "11 showing a bigger", strive to promoteHigh -quality development has achieved new breakthroughs.It is necessary to thoroughly implement the strategic deployment of the party strictly and strictly govern the party, implement the party's organizational route in the new era, and promote the dare not rot, not rot, and not want to rot.EssenceIt is necessary to resolutely implement the requirements of the work deployment of inspection and rectification and the use of achievements, adhere to the promotion and reform, patrol the construction, and promote governance, and strive to promote the effectiveness of governance to achieve new improvement, and make new and greater contributions to the comprehensive construction of modern and beautiful Anhui.

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