Golf game competition scoring system development

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    Function content:

    Completion of competition,热点新闻 live broadcast, schedule category, live broadcast gifts, community dating interaction, competition collection, fun short video, sports information, social dynamic news, football games in the real time, etc., focus on online watching sports events APP source code system,Create a perfect program system platform.

    Sports competition football score app system solution

    1. System architecture development of the fourth ends of the sports event platform


    The source code supports the four -terminal system architecture and background management, including PC/H5/Android APP/Apple APP/web management. You can view live content data. PC -end+H5 -end use Vue.js development, Android APP: develop in Java language, development,Apple APP: OC Language Development, which is developed in the background.

    2. Analysis of the live data system of sports events

    Data adopts real -time data, statistical data, real -time indexes, animation live broadcasts, databases, etc. in the (nanomal data). At the same time, it shows the new competition index, event data, and event analysis.

    3. Four basic function modules to build a platform foundation


    ① Competition timetable arrangement: You can check the schedule of various events at home and abroad, review the wonderful historical records, and play the event in real time

    ② live broadcast of each ball: 24 hours uninterrupted live events, different types of anchor explanations, let you choose

    ③ Ball Topic Information: Understand the new competition dynamics, communicate and interact with fans fans, rich topics, hot topics discuss and participate in the topic.

    ④The short video of the event: presenting new and wonderful events, the short video classic collection, allowing you to watch the live broadcast of the event in another way.

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