It rose 13%in 2023!Will the international gold price hit a new high this year?

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[Daily Information Briefing, know the world in one minute] Tuesday, May 2nd, March 13th of the lunar calendar

1. It is expected to operate about 160 million people nationwide in the first three days of May 1st;

2. The total box office of the new film of May 1st broke 1 billion yuan, and the "King of the Sky" led;

3. The first large -scale cross -sea sink tunnel in the northern region of my country -Dalian Bay Oceanic Tunnel is officially opened to traffic;

4. "Hong Kong Car to the North" is here. Applying in June, can enter the Mainland in July, benefit 450,000 Hong Kong owners; [Public account: Global current affairs hotspot interpretation]

5. Shanghai's implementation of multi -children's family housing provident fund support policy: 1.44 million yuan in family loans;

6. People who cannot grab the votes are staring at Shunfeng: The platform orders have increased, and the owners earn 300 yuan in 400 kilometers;

7. Liang Jianzhang, the founder of Ctrip: Short -term explosive travel fanatics without winners, it is recommended to promote flexible vacation;

8, 9472 meters!"Underground Mount Everest" finds oil and gas, and Sinopec deployed in the "Desert No. 1" in the Tarim Basin;

9. After being hired as an honorary professor at the University of Hong Kong last month, Ma Yun was hired as a guest professor by the University of Tokyo;

10. China -Mongolia Foreign Minister talks, the two parties agree to strengthen the control of the prevention and treatment of sandstorms;

11. World Economic Forum: Global may decrease by 14 million jobs worldwide in the next 5 years;

12. South Korea's 14 -month trade deficit!The export volume decreased by 14.2%year -on -year, and the semiconductor dropped sharply by 41%;

13. Erdogan: The Turkish army killed IS head;

14. The first and banks in the United States were acquired by JP Morgan Chase for two months in the past two months;

15. Biden announced that he had blackened, and suddenly put on sunglasses at the end of his speech; [Public account: Global current affairs hotspot interpretation]

[Weiyu] Simple, confused, happy!Be an adult in the wind and rain, and be a child in the sun.Life is a limited edition every day, and we must work hard to make yourself happy.

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