Signing contracts for 4 projects!Nanhua West Street helps the "millions of projects" to implement the implementation of business promotion

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  Nanhua West Street, Haizhu District is grasping the "millions of projects" with the strength of the number one project, and opens high -quality development fast lanes through "business introductions".In order to plan the new year's economic work in the high starting point, on December 29, the "Pearl River Chao South China Bloom" Cultural Tourism Development Merchants Conference was successfully held at the Jiangyue Hotel.At the meeting, the cooperation of the four projects of commercial carriers was officially signed.

  Authoritative experts and scholars in the fields of urban planning, economic and business district development research, and guest representatives such as the company who deeply cultivate the South Huaxi Business District gathered together to focus on the topic of consumer development, urban planning and development, and the innovation and development of business districts., Jointly explore a new trend and opportunities for the integration and development of cultural and business brigaders in the Western Commercial District of Nanhua, deeply dig deep into the economic growth point of Nanhua West West in the west of Haizhu District, and further build the future pattern of integration and evolution of the cultural business travel industry, and to promote the high -quality development of the regional economy to the maximum joint effort to promote the high -quality development of the regional economy.Essence

  Lu Bo, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Nanhua West Street, delivered a speech for the China Merchants Conference. He said that this year, South China West Street has been looking for high -quality development positioning and path of the street in combination with the actual situation, and continuously brightens the business cards of the provincial -level historical and cultural districts, and revolves around the integration of cultural business travel integration.Promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and promote the high -quality development of the streets with cultural empowerment.With the strong support of the district departments and the representatives of the enterprises, the GDP achievements of the five major industries in the first three quarters of Nanhua West Street were 1.198 billion yuan, and the growth rate was 7.8%.Demonstration townships (streets) "" "The Second Batch of Rule of Law Town Street in Guangzhou" and other countries, provincial, and municipal honors, Longwu Li Community was awarded "Guangzhou City 2022 Appearance Quality Community".

  Liao Huilian, Secretary of the Party Group of the Federation of Industry and Commerce in Haizhu District, attended the conference and delivered a speech. As the New Year is coming, she sends a statement of the South Huaxi Street Chamber of Commerce to continue to do a good job in party building leadership."The glory cause promotes the high -quality development of the regional economy, and will play the role of the Chamber of Commerce's own bridge, maintain the" two healthy "development of the non -public economy, and create the provincial and municipal" four good "chamber of commerce.

  At the meeting, He Junzhi, Dean of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Research Institute of Sun Yat -sen University shared.In his opinion, more than 200 years of urban diversity, rich historical heritage, and living and trade security are an important foundation for the development of cultural and business travel in South China West Street.He Jun said that in the next five years, Nanhua West Street should focus on the overall ideas of planning leading+open integration+mechanism innovation, focusing on the high -quality integration and development of the cultural and business brigade of South China Street, and using the rich historical and cultural resources of Nanhua West Street to create regional characteristic cultureBrands, in -depth potentials of the status and development potential of the regional cultural tourism economy, and create a characteristic path of "Wenxing, Earth, and People with Federation".

  In recent years, affected by the strong promotion of local culture, South China West Street has used the popularity of "Guangzhou Most Beautiful Yellow Flower Wind Suzuki" to enjoy the "Cultural and Art Season" series and cultural consumption scenarios.South China, which is well -known "China First Street", has attracted the attention of the market again.

  At the meeting, Zheng Zheyuan, director of the Nanhua West Sub -district Office, released the strategy of the economic tourism economic development strategy of cultural tourism in the streets, and proposed that by showing the role of the South Huaxi Street Chamber of Commerce, increasing investment promotion, optimizing the "cultural tourism+" industrial structure, linking other industries to form "1+N"Develop a large pattern, further expand market supply, and achieve continuous drainage and creating benefits.

  The Pazhou area in the east of Haizhu District. As an important carrying area for the construction of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area International Science and Technology Innovation Center, Guangzhou City has been in the construction of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area, the development of artificial intelligence and digital economy, and the construction of the “Belt and Road”.The project has successful experience.

  Yu Lihui, director of the Pazhou Management Committee, shared Pazhou's innovative road to create a "artificial intelligence and digital economy pilot zone" landmark at the meeting, give full play to Pazhou's location advantage, create a "three calculations" industrial platforms, break through the e -commerce economy, take the lead in developing copyrights firstEconomic and other management development experience.Yu Lihui said that he hopes to use this conference to work with the South Huaxi Street and South China West Street merchants to jointly build a platform for the east and western resources sharing platforms of Haizhu District to help build the integration circle of new vibrant cultural and business brigades in the west of Haizhu.

  Nanhua West Street gives full play to the resource advantages of the core area of the traditional cultural culture of Haizhu West Wing, promote the planning of cultural tourism guidance, strengthen the linkage of the front and rear channels of the Pearl River, connect the western scenic spots in the Haizhu into a pearl, strengthen the development of cultural tourism, promote the westThe value of the sector is increased.

  At the meeting, Tian Jie, deputy director of the Nanhua West Sub -district Office, published two guided tour routes on "South" to watch "South" and the wind.Waiting for the carrier to show the vital urban development vitality and the fireworks of urban life to the majority of residents, tourists, and enterprises.

  At present, Nanhua West Street gives full play to the resource advantage of the core area of the traditional cultural culture of Haizhu West Wing, to promote the new vitality of the old city as a foothold, create a business card of the "South China Culture and Art Season", build a full -scale, run through the year, benefit from the entire year, benefit it.The cultural platform of the whole people is a cultural and plastic tourism and a traveler.Over the past year, South China West Street Industry Elements have gathered, innovative vitality competes, and the results of innovation have emerged in succession, which is becoming a new round of high market heat, high attention, and high discussion.

  High -quality development is inseparable from high -quality projects.The conference carried out the cooperation signing ceremony of the business carrier of the project, mainly covering the fields of office furniture, cultural education, commercial investment, and large health industries.In the future, Nanhua West Street will combine the government and effective markets to promote the integration of tradition and modernity, inheritance and innovation, and will rejuvenate new vitality and open up a new situation in the high -quality development of Haizhu.

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