Sports football on December 6!The Premier League Manchester United vs Chelsea, the Blue Moon Army faces the Blue Army

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Original Title: December 6th Sports Football!The重大新闻 Premier League Manchester United vs Chelsea, the Blue Moon Army faces the Blue Army

At 4:15 am on Thursday, December 7, a high -profile England Super Football League focus will be staged at the home of Manchester United.Manchester United as the home team will start fiercely with Chelsea.This game is of great significance for both sides, because this is a key battle to determine the victory.

Manchester United made Guest Newcastle in the last game, but eventually failed to win and suffered the sixth defeat in the league.At present, Manchester United has achieved 14 games in the Premier League, 8 wins and 6 losses, without drawing.This made them rank 7th in the league, with 9 points behind the list, and the hope of competing for the championship became more and more slim.However, Manchester United did not give up, and they would continue to work hard to strive for good results in the coming game.

Although Chelsea played less in the last game, he still defeated Brighton 3-2.This victory has improved Chelsea's overall state, and their performance is steady.In this game, Enszme opened twice and became the biggest hero.Chelsea's players showed a tenacious hard work and excellent team cooperation in this game, which is a key factor that they can win.

In this critical duel, Manchester United and Chelsea will go all out for victory.The outcome of this game will have an important impact on the ranking of both sides, and will also bring wonderful football feasts to fans.Let's wait and see, looking forward to this game that can bring surprises and excitement to fans.

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