A number of new scenarios of the mass sports format appear at the "Two Expo"

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At the end of the year,高速资讯 outdoor sports and tourism ushered in a "small peak".In the city center and the suburbs, the riders are about a "City Ride"; every weekend, the machime "difficult to find" in various places;The demand for outdoor sports of the masses has increased day by day, and new sports consumption scenarios and consumer formats have also emerged. Sports consumption is becoming "optional" from the "extra points" of life.

From December 8th to 10th, the 2023 China Sports Culture Expo and the China Sports Tourism Expo were held in Suzhou. More than 500 units and enterprises from home and abroad showed the fitness and leisure, smart sports, sports equipment and equipment, outdoor sports, camping carsNew products and new scenes in the fields of brigades, ice and snow sports provide new ideas and new directions for sports consumption and physical travel integration.

New consumption release potential

In recent years, mass sports and sports consumption have developed rapidly. Common sports projects have extended from a single running, swimming, ball, etc. to diversified projects such as mountaineering, paddle boards, flying disks, ice and snow.At the door of the house, it broaden to mountains, waters, and airspaces, which led to the continuous "new" of sports consumption scenarios and sports projects.

Sports companies have witnessed the increasing proportion of outdoor sports consumption in the lives of the masses."In recent years, riding enthusiasts have increased significantly, driving the sales of our bicycles to continue to rise." Sun Peng, a product engineer of Lianyungang Kobe carbon fiber bicycle Co., Ltd., told reporters that the company's carbon fiber bicycles, bicycle frames and components are sold at home and abroad, And used in the training of professional teams such as the provincial team.In recent years, the entry -level bicycle produced by the company has been very popular with consumers. At the same time, many cycling enthusiasts choose to buy more professional competitive bicycles.

Sun Peng found that the current bicycle has evolved from a mobility tool to a fitness equipment with social attributes. People have also changed their consumption choices from a thick -resistant mountain vehicle to a lightweight road vehicle with a heavy ride experience."The sense of experience has become an important consideration for consumers."

While the land sports go further and further and the project is more and more, sports enthusiasts have also chosen the consumer destination in a new space.Suzhou Chenghu, located in Wuzhong, Suzhou for 6 years, has become a popular punch place for parent -child research and company group building in surrounding areas."Our base has 700 meters of standard land flight runways and 1000 meters of water take -off and landing. In the tourist flight experience, we have professional flight coaches to fly and see Suzhou from a low -altitude perspective." Cheng Jiawei, the relevant person in charge of the base, told reporters thatIn addition to the flight experience, the base also provides a coach -guided aircraft driving experience and light sports flight driver's license training project. "In addition, we also have supporting projects such as outdoor camping, RVs, equestrian, etc., allowing tourists to play outdoor sports in one stop.This is why we have become a teenager winter and summer camp and group building. "

Smart empowering new scenes

If you want to have a better sports experience, there are not enough places and equipment. At the "two expo", many smart sports facilities, equipment and scenes created by AI and VR technology caters to the current sports enthusiasts.We scientific and efficient exercise needs.

In the Jiangsu exhibition area, a bicycle and a screen can realize the riding "crossing the Sichuan -Tibet line"; wearing VR equipment, you can enjoy the stimulus of skiing at any time;Smart empowerment, in less than 5 square meters of space, the fitness scene extends from the field to the virtual world. It is no longer limited by space, and the sports scene is more diverse and rich.

A number of smart sports products in the Jiangsu exhibition area are built by enterprises incubated by Wuxi Smart Sports Industrial Park. "Smart riding, skiing, rowing, golf and other virtual sports are the trend of future development.Various sports. "Zhu Mo, deputy director of Wuxi Smart Sports Industry Park Management Committee, introduced that virtual fitness equipment has successively" fly into ordinary people's homes "," Most of our smart product sales come from ordinary users, our cheapest equipmentAbout a thousand yuan. Aai -Baiyin Interactive Robot is also sold under a supermarket in a chain in the country. In addition, we have built 8 smart gym in Wuxi. "Zhu Mo said that as technology matures, smart fitness is no longer" talked about soldiers on paper on paper."High -tech, but the" smart "fitness partner that the public can afford and use.

What is the experience of exercise in the smart sports park of integrated intelligent facilities and equipment?The "Smart Sports Park" created by Nantong Iron Man Sports Products Co., Ltd. has successfully landed in many domestic sports parks and pocket parks."The fitness equipment we produce never has any data functions. It can display real -time exercise data, and then the face recognition and storage data is connected to the network. Users can download and analyze data through the APP.Science. "Miao Feng, director of business director of Nantong Iron Man Sports Co., Ltd. told reporters that the company's production of fitness equipment has also entered the school for students to practice sports in the middle school entrance examination.

"Sports+" extra points of life

By 2025, our province plans to exceed 300 billion yuan in sports consumption in urban and rural residents in the province, and sports consumption is releasing huge potential.How to "monetize" sports consumption kinetic energy and give life "add points"?Many participating units and enterprises have given their own ideas.

At the moment when the camping popularity is not reduced, the camps with "staying in the bag" and social functions are common. How do camping often "camps" often new?Duobu International Outdoor Leisure Chain Land took the lead in trying in Beijing. According to different camps, it created a distinctive special camp with a clear style: build a retro wind carriage tent that can live in a family of 4 in a vast place, in Qinglongxia Scenic AreaDevelop surfing special camps, rely on geographical advantages to develop cave cafes, develop water sports clubs next to the water cube ...

"Camping is not exclusive to the suburbs. Whether it is quiet in the city or in the outskirts of beautiful scenery, we will build different styles of camps according to local conditions. Camping is not only a tent, we will also open up the pools and beaches as much as possible in the camp to allow tourists to allow touristsYou can experience water sports such as paddle boards and motorboats, and equipped with professional coaches. "Zhou Min, the relevant person in charge of the chain camp, told reporters that since the opening of the camp in July last year, it has become a punch -in and social space for young people in Beijing and the surrounding young people.It is difficult to find a "camp" on weekends.Enterprises are also trying to "go to new" in northwest, Hainan and other places that meet local characteristics.

The development of sports tourism integration is a key issue that the "two exhibitions" pay attention to. How sports tourism breaks the restrictions of seasonal and distance, and driving more industries and consumption is a problem for many sports and travel integration bases.Located in the green onion slope ski resort in Badong County, the Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hubei Province, through the "one season with three seasons" plan, skiing is used as the leader, and the high -quality resources of the alpine forests are usedThe comprehensive tourist resort area of the whole season and strengthen supporting services such as high -speed cable car.The relevant person in charge of Enshi Green onion Ski Resort Co., Ltd. introduced, "Our ski resort is not only a base for the winter and summer camp of the youth sports in Hubei Province, but also the internship training base of the college students of Wuhan Institute of Physical Education.Since the district industry, more than 1 million tourists have been received, driving local economic revenue of more than 500 million yuan.

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