Popular actor son?Zhao Lusi is dark everywhere?Zhang Jiahui suppress his wife's career?Jiao Jun gorgeous?Auntie Q & A

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Little fairies,Current Affairs good evening!

At the beginning of the brain burning, the little fairies who make the white volume can watch the comment. The truth emperor is often hidden in it!

Lying essence is rich in emotional life, and also gives birth to children for love.However, Piaopiao can be raised well. The child is influenced by her, the ability to learn was poor, and the ability to learn emotional in terms of emotional ability.The fluttering son did not do business, and he has been mixed with society long ago. Fortunately, there are not many young and confused babies carrying a big knife. If she is so good, she will really let it go.Floating is rich, and the ex -husband is unwilling to bring his son, but the monthly living expenses will not be missing. Good children eat and drink with money, and during the period, they also have sexy young women.After Diao Piao discovered, he found someone to dismantle him, and went home to clean up a meal.But his eldest son turned his head to go to the little girl, and even brought her a good grandson.Piaopiao was a headache because of his eldest son's adolescent rebellion. He also took the initiative to find a husband to communicate. He wanted his ex -husband to bring his eldest son and guide it.But what I did not expect was that the ex -husband ignored her at all, and mocked that she would not raise children. When she was engaged in a mess, she wanted to make himself end.Piaopia was not recruited. He could only bite his teeth to handle his eldest son, took his little girlfriend to get the fetus, and compensated the other party.

(Protect our auntie, the little bells eat low -key melon, and the comments are tens of millionsDon't make your nameIntersectionIntersectionIntersection.

Auntie, Zhao Lusi Zhao Lusi

Zhao Lusi had just been defeated a few days ago. Today, he was high -profile and a hot search of "the first trial of rights in defending the first instance". If you do n’t look at it carefully, you may think that the same netizen is sued, but it is not the same person.This time, Zhao Lu's power of thinking was successful for more than two years, and the defendant had written an apology letter.Zhao Lusi has a lot of black powder, and the fierce people have been obtained by her team staff and entrusted to the familiar lawyers to prosecute. This kind of rights protection lawsuit generally pulls for a long time, but now many traffic artists will not let go easily.EssenceThe new drama of Zhao Lusi and Wang Anyu is being promoted. The two have actively communicated in private, and they will cooperate with the propaganda during the announcement.This play is very important for Zhao Lusi. You can lift your coffee to help your career up, but if you fail, you may not be able to keep his existing status.

Auntie, there is news from Zhang Jiahui

Zhang Jiahui and other male artists in the Hong Kong Circle rarely mentioned their emotional marriage in front of people, and even shy away. They did not want to lose their fans, and this choice until now entertainment artists still love to use it.EssenceZhang Jiahui's wife was Guan Yonghe, who was originally an excellent female artist in the industry. However, after the two loved and married, Guan Yonghe took the initiative to retreat home and became a virtuous help behind Zhang Jiahui.Recently, Zhang Jiahui suddenly mentioned his wife Guan Yonghe. He was asked if the other party gave up acting for the family. He said that the two had not discussed the problem, and he did not stop the other party from returning.He also revealed that a chaebol praised Guan Yonghe in front of him, so he dreamed that his wife broke up with himself many times.Zhang Jiahui said that he did not stop the other party from paying, but asked him if he was willing, obviously he was unwilling to show his wife to show up.His new movie has just been on, and a few days ago, he went to the scum wave to sweep the building to promote it. This time, his wife's interview also deliberately brought out the topic of publicity.

Auntie, why is Jiao Junyan no news?

Jiao Junyan has never entered the traffic flower camp. It is considered a route of Tsing Yi acting school. Most of them are actual themes. If there is no variety show reality show to invite the blessing, basically there will be no sense of presence.Jiao Junyan has to be broadcast in his hands. The protagonist and supporting actors are all available. Recently, a supporting role drama is to be pushed.broadcast.In the past few months, Jiao Junyan squatted the crew to shoot a new drama. It is a goose manufacturer's project. The heroine's resources and co -starred with Yin Yan. At the end of last month, all the shooting group just ended.

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