List of good news on the evening of December 8 (attached list)

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  A number of listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen are important on the evening of December 8th.The following is a summary of the information:

  JAC: As of December 7, a total of 210 million yuan of government subsidies received

  (600418) Announcement that as of December 7, 2023, the company and subsidiaries received a total of 210 million yuan in government subsidies related to income.

  Suzhou Koda: KD-GPT big model currently only trial in individual key users.PerformanceSignificant impact

  (603660) The announcement of the abnormal fluctuations of stock transactions was released that the company noticed that the market has recently paid a high degree of attention to hotspots such as AI models and multi -mode state.Some media and investors include the company into "Multi -modal AI"Concept". The company's KD-GPT big model is currently trial only among individual key users. It has not had a significant impact on performance, and there is still greater uncertainty in subsequent implementation.

  Yuanda Environmental Protection: The subsidiary intends to invest in the 100MWP households of Guangdong Province for comprehensive smart zero carbon power plant project

  (600292) On the evening of December 8th, the company's wholly -owned subsidiary's water affairs company intends to invest in the 100MWP households of Guangdong Province for comprehensive smart zero -carbon power plant projects, with a total dynamic investment of 375 million yuan, project capital investment 20%, and the remaining investment passed through the pass.bankLoan method solution.

  Sopp, Jiangsu: The subsidiary plans to invest about 7.1 billion yuan to build an integrated project of ethyl acetate and EVA

  (600746) On the evening of December 8th, the company intends to use a wholly -owned subsidiary Sopnew materialThe main investment of about 7.128 billion yuan will be built in the industrial park of Zhenjiang New District to build an integrated project in the industrial park in Zhenjiang New District.The project is divided into two phases, of which the first phase of the project is 330,000 tons/year acetate projects, and the second phase of the project is 300,000 tons/year EVA project.

  Yimei Lithium Energy: It is planned to sign 60GWh powerEnergy storageBatteryProduction line and auxiliary facilities project factory custom construction constructioncontract

  (300014) On the evening of December 8th, the company's subsidiary Yiyi Power intends to sign a customized construction contract with the Jingmen High -tech Industrial Development Co., Ltd. and the auxiliary facility project factory, and the project investment does not exceed 3.7 billion yuan.

  Longquan Co., Ltd.: Pre -bid pipeline procurement project bidding price of 590 million yuan accounts for about 59% of the company's revenue in 2022

  (002671) On the evening of December 8th, Anhui Province Yinjiang Jihuai Engineering Co., Ltd. issued a bid for the bid for the publicity of the bidding candidate on the website of Hefei Public Resources Trading Center in Anhui Province, and determined that the company was "the pipeline of the second phase of the Jianghui Huaihuai project (water conservancy part) pipeline procurement 1"Standard" first winning candidate.The bid quotation is 590 million yuan, accounting for about 2022 auditOperating income59.19%.

  Oriental Electric: HoldshareholderIt is intended to increase the company's shares without more than 300 million yuan

  (600875) Announcement that the company's controlling shareholder group increased its holdings of 2.96 million A shares with a centralized bidding transaction on December 8, accounting for about 0.09%of the company's total share capital.After this increase,Oriental ElectricThe Group holds 1.731 billion A shares of the company, accounting for about 55.50%of the company's total share capital.The Group plans to increase its shareholding shares in the next 12 months. The increase in its holdings will not exceed 300 million yuan.funds.

  San'an Optoelectronics: It is planned to 500 million yuan-1.1 billion yuanRepurchaseShares

  (600703) Announcement that the company plans to repurchase the shares by 500 million to 10 billion yuan for employee holding plans.The repurchase price does not exceed 17 yuan/share.

  Han Jianhe Mountain: The pre -winning bid for 517 million yuan pipeline procurement project accounts for about 93% of revenue in 2022

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