Continue to deepen the first Shijiazhuang Child Health Conference of Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei Medical Hospitals

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 In order to accelerate the development of Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei Medical and Health Cooperation, strengthen academic and technical exchanges, and enhance the city's children's health and medical service capabilities, on December 8, the Municipal Health and Health Committee, the Capital Pediatrics Research Institute, and the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital jointly organized the first Shijiazhuang childrenHealth conference.

Conference adoptionThe combined method is carried out to teach a number of well -known experts across the country to build a scientific, cutting -edge, and practical academic exchange platform for children's health workers in the city.In the academic report session, experts conducted in -depth discussions on the application and prospects of fibrous bronchial mirrors, pediatric gastroscopy, and colonoscopy in children's respiratory department, digestive and other related fields.Through sharing clinical cases, research data, practical experience, and latest research results, we have brought cutting -edge academic information and practical clinical guidance to the participants. The academic atmosphere on the spot was strong.The conference also demonstrated the results of the Children's Hospital affiliated to the Capital Pediatric Research Institute and the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of our city.

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