Based on the big health industry, Sansheng (China) has entered the fifth five -year development new journey

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  With the successful holding of the three lives (China) of the "Extraordinary,热议资讯 Yao Fu Fan" (China), the 2023 event was successfully held.

  In the past 20 years, Sansheng has been based on the big health industry, and has been pursuing dreams and moving forward. Through four five years of development, it has grown from a seed to a strong tree. NowadaysEssenceGolden Bao, the chairman of Sansheng, said that the three lives will focus on the core of "health" in the fifth five years. Through new development strategies and business layouts, they will create a better future for customers, employees, industry, and society.Essence

(Mr. Golden Bao, Chairman of the Three Lives)

  Four and five -year planning layer advancement,,20YearsteadilyDevelopment lays a solid foundation

  As a strategic industry that is related to the national economy and people's livelihood, Great Health has always stood on the outlet of rapid development.Looking back at the past 20 years, on the Great Health Industry Circuit, San Life has used four five -year planning to solidly engage in innovation, development, research and development, strong products, and building platforms, and laid a solid foundation.According to Golden Bao, the chairman of Sansheng, the first five years, the three students began to build a large -scale production base, and obtained the first batch of direct sales permits in the country.Lile the foundation of the rapid development of the Three Lives.In the second five years, the three lives began to build the three product clusters worldwide, and proposed to become the goal of becoming a "Chinese sample" in the global health industry, and became a benchmark representative enterprise throughout the industry.

  In the third five years, the three students continued to increase the investment in the construction of product centers, R & D centers, intelligent workshops, and intelligent warehouses.Began to invest in brand building, and at a high starting point involved in the high -end medical field of life cells.In the fourth and five years, with the promotion of 5G, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, the three students complied with the trend of the times and increased their investment in digitalization.The pulse APP, upgraded to enjoy the chain business model, launched the Yuan universe digital product exhibition hall, a series of measures brought strong growth in the era of digitalization and intelligence.

  Fighting hard work and thriving for 20 years, the three lives revolved around the core of the healthy life industry, and have created a healthy industry ecological chain that provides a full life cycle management, and built a healthy testing, scientific conditioning, exclusive guarantee, precision medical care, health care, health careWhile providing consumers with a "one -stop" full life cycle precision health management service for consumers, and to build a health technology smart business platform for entrepreneurs.

  In the past 20 years, on this business platform created by Sansheng, many extremely excellent "personal economies" have emerged. They and San Sheng, together with Sansheng, stand up to the environment in which a variety of challenges and coexist.success.The Sansheng also provides customers with healthy products and a good life with business partners, creating value for the country and society, and supporting social and economic development.

  The eight major development strategies are fully distributed,,2024YearFuture 20First war

  In recent years, in the context of the "Healthy China" strategy, large healthy companies close to health have ushered in a broader room for development.Prevention and treatment of diseases and aging has become the main development direction of the big health industry.In the digital era, market innovation trends on online consumption line, vitality, youth, and personality, China's highly tough and potential economic situation, the development of social business models, the favorable government policies, and the transition of the concept of health consumption are all.The development of the big health industry has provided new motivation, and also brought greater development opportunities to the three students.

  Sun Pengbo, the president of the operation of the Sansheng (China), said that in the new market situation, the three students advanced with the times, the trend of wisdom insight, and actively embraced changes, and achieved steady development with an extraordinary strategy.In 2024, Sansheng will implement eight major strategies around the eight dimensions including product power, brand power, marketing power, repurchase power, counting intelligence, education, activity, and strategic power, and will start the first battle of Sansheng in the next 20 years.

(Mr. Sun Pengbo, CEO of China Operations)

  In terms of product strength strategy, Sansheng will focus on the two major brands of Yufangtang and Oriental literacy in 2024, focusing on kidney power health foods and peptide nutrition health foods. By deep cultivation in these two tracks, the leading advantage of Sanye in the industry is stable.EssenceIn terms of brand strength strategy, Golden Bao, chairman of the Three Shengsheng in 2024, will launch a new work. The image of the three production products will be upgraded and will increase the coverage of brand advertisements nationwide.In the experience hall and Sansheng offline brand experience hall, four measures strive to achieve the brand's dimension.

  Three major business sections collaborativedevelop,,Depictbrand newFive -year development magnificent bluepicture

  Based on the big health industry and building a business platform, it is the original intention of Sansheng and a firm direction in the future.Three students will rely on the firm cornerstone of the development of planning in the past four and five -year planning, to fully carry out the fifth five -year planning, and through the coordinated development of the three major business sections, continue to move towards the goal of major development.

(Three Lives (China) Great Health Industrial Park)

  In the future, Sansheng will continue to rely on the century -old brand Yufangtang to promote and inherit the traditional Chinese medicine culture of my country. Through Yufangtang focusing on the health and kidney market, it will create more for consumers to improve immunity, anti -chronic diseases, and cure without disease. Good health products, bring China's health concept and the "sincere and good" culture of Yufangtang to the world, and make the contribution of three lives for human health.

  Relying on the research in the field of peptide nutrition in the past few years, the oriental literacy brands under the Sansheng will continue to focus on the field of "scientific plant nutrition", deeply dig the application of small molecular peptides, and create more plant nutrition and health foods with peptides.Develop more functional health foods that allow consumers to perceive and experience, realize the sustainable development of the brand, and contribute to the development of Chinese peptide nutrition. It is committed to becoming China's "small molecular peptide nutrition first brand".

  The Sanshengmei skin care section will continue to focus on personalized needs in the future. With Sili, Zeyan, and Eighteen Palace as the main starting point, we will closely grasp the anti -aging of technology, plant skin care, cell organisms, and multi -effect private lives will continue to develop more functional skin care products, such as freckle removal, acne, anti -wrinkle and anti -aging, whitening skin care products, etc., make products and experiences more extreme, more diverse, and more outstanding, allowing consumers to make consumersMore recognized.

  With the aging population of China, the younger people of the sub -health, and the post -epidemic era, more and more health issues have stimulated market demand, health care, home care, medical beauty maintenance, chronic disease conditioning, Chinese medicine dietary therapy in the field of great health areasAny subdivisions such as postoperative rehabilitation and cell medical care have an inestimable prospect.In the next five years, Sansheng will continue to grasp the market development trend, relying on the advantages accumulated in the past 20 years, focusing on the layout of immunity improvement and chronic disease prevention, and strive to achieve higher development goals.

  Walk with lovePractice public welfare,,Three livesGrand totalInvestExceed1.4100 millionYuan

  Highlight social responsibility with good promotion, and use action to practice the original intention of public welfare.In the past 20 years, while the Three Students have actively promoted the development of China's big health industry, they have continued to fulfill social responsibility through the form of public welfare, and have won respect for all sectors of society with practical actions.As of now, the total value of Sansheng has accumulated donations and donations of more than 140 million yuan, which has led more than 100,000 people to participate in various social public welfare activities.

  The Third Life respects every life and continues to share the value with the society.Over the years, Sansheng has been actively invested in public welfare undertakings, and has carried out "Love 1+1" Children's Assistance Activities, "Hand Hand" for Children Caring for Children, "Ping An Co -Construction" to care for children's safe and healthy, low -carbon healthy homeLife "family environmental protection projects, as well as various other public welfare actions such as poverty alleviation, scholarships, earthquake religion, earthquake relief, disaster relief, resistance, and respect for the elderly, and continuously convey the" love 1+1 "public welfare concept.

  Golden Bao, chairman of Sansheng, said that Sansheng will put social responsibility in the most important position, and the investment of love and public welfare will only continue to increase, and the love and public welfare actions of Sansheng will never stop.In 2024, the three students will invest 3 million yuan of public welfare funds on the basis of their partners' love donations for various public welfare projects.

  After 20 years of rooting the big health industry, San Life has always focused on the scientific and technological research and development, achievement transformation, and continuous spread of brand marketing in the health industry, becoming a vital army that helps to build a healthy China.Golden Bao also said that in the future, the three lives will still be firmly based on the big health industry, build a business platform, build a personal economy, and keep pace with the times to provide partners with more career.Driven by scientific and technological innovation, to meet the needs of consumers as their responsibility, strive to make products well, make products well, and strive to become a good brand that is liked by the market and recognized by consumers, for the national health and China's big health industryDevelopment contribution.

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