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In the era of mass travel,hotly discussed information travel has become an indispensable part of people's lives.In the past few years, travel has been regarded as an important way for many people to escape daily life and heal the mood.What kind of trip people look forward to in 2024?A new survey initiated by the world's leading hotel and accommodation booking platform, Booking.com, and 27,000 people participated in, revealing the future trend of the seven major in the future, revealing how people explore the world through travel and enrich their lives.Create a better life experience.

The survey shows that for recipients from 33 countries and regions, travel in 2024 will become part of life.Nearly 90%(88%) Chinese travelers said they felt unprecedented vitality during vacation, and 75%of them thought they showed their best themselves during their trip.

One of the seven categories of travel in the new year is to meet another true self and be the protagonist of life.75%of the adjusted Chinese travelers believe that they show the best self during vacation, can get rid of the new personality of imprisonment and embrace themselves. 81%of Chinese travelers feel the "protagonist energy", that is, they are given "The power of becoming the protagonist of your own life, 80%of Chinese travelers hope to return to daily life more like myself during vacation.

The second category is a trip to unlock the summer tricks and get close to nature.76%of Chinese travelers believe that climate change will affect their way of planning for vacation in 2024.As the temperature near the place of residence has soared, 79%of people will use their holidays to avoid summer heat.It is expected that the demand for water yoga, water baths and ice and snow meditation will surge, and at the same time, it will also usher in the booming development of ice therapy, underwater hotels and mermaid culture.

Hug the unknown and regain the courage to go away, and it has also become a way of traveling with up to 77%of Chinese travelers.The survey results show that 63%of Chinese travelers do not want to formulate a fixed plan before the trip, but follow the journey.In addition, the explosive growth of artificial intelligence is becoming a mainstream trend, and 73%of travelers believe that artificial intelligence can plan for them.

The incarnation of food detectives and awakening taste buds is an experience that most travelers desire.More than four -fifths (83%) Chinese travelers are more interested in understanding the origin of the "must -eat" food of the destination "must eat" food. I hope that in 2024 to try local specialty food, the traditional flavor has attracted much attention.

In a global unstable and busy world, when life encounters difficulties or setbacks, travelers will choose to focus on the theme journey of self -improvement, so that they will return to a true desire.Therefore, restarting reversal of life and finding the soul's healing has also become one of the ways of travel in people.Among the 27,000 recipients, 85%of their parents plan to travel alone in 2024 to pay attention to their physical and mental health.

In addition, wisdom travel, harvesting personalized light luxury enjoyment and practicing sustainable new fashion will also occupy a place in the new year's trip.Under the trend of consumption downgrade, travelers in 2024 will use money -saving skills to reduce costs, but improve the vacation experience through "selection on demand".For example, if you travel to destinations with lower living costs than living, pay a single fee to use a five -star hotel's facilities instead of actual staying in the hotel.

In such a travel trend, what kind of recovery will the tourism market in 2024 show?In this regard, Lu Weifeng, general manager of the market support department of Binke China, gave an evaluation of "cautious and optimistic".Lu Weifeng said that the reason for maintaining optimism is that after the Chinese entry and exit market is fully liberalized this year, the proportion of Chinese tourists has increased rapidly.It has a clear role in promoting this.These situations show that both entry and exit or short -distance travel are unstoppable demand.But on the other hand, the increase in travel costs caused by inflation caused by multiple destinations worldwide, the degree of recovery of international flights is not as good as expected, and the concerns of travelers' concerns about destination safety issues will still cause a certain amount of recovery in the 2024 tourism market to a certain time.Influence.

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