Original Andy Lau endorsed Northeast Sauerkrars and was endorsed 84 times a year.

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Specifically,Current Affairs this model belongs to the authorization endorsement of film and television drama. Generally, there will be posters in the publicity of movies and TV series. There will be stills starring in the poster. The copyright of these posters is a film and television drama company.After the film and television drama was broadcast for a while, in order to maximize the benefits of the film and television company, the film and television company authorized these posters to the advertising company. The advertising company took these posters to find customers, and used the portraits of the characters in the film and television poster as a star portrait to let the portrait of the stars let the portraits let the portraits let the portraits let the portraits let the portraits allowBrand companies spend money to endorse.Both sides may be informed, but this method of rubbing edges can save money and the biggest publicity effect for many small companies, so this model is constantly playing new tricks by the industry.

This time, Andy Lau is endorsed. This is also the case. This sauerkraut company is a contract signed with an advertising company.To illustrate this situation, the main purpose is to confuse consumer audiovisual.Advertising companies and brands dare to do this. Mainly this endorsement advertising time period is very short. It may be a few months. After this wave of relying on this wave, the merchant either withdrew or change the endorsement.Evidence.Many parties on these interest chains have also settled these stars without time to take care of these things. This kind of lawsuit is very difficult to fight, because the wipes they play are also authorized by formal channels from film and television companies. At presentThe case is in front of the eyes, so this model is even more unscrupulous.

In the past few years, a large number of Hong Kong stars such as Zhang Jiahui, Gu Tianle, Wu Mengda, etc. have been endorsed by the use of this model.EssenceTherefore, to prevent celebrities endorsed for no reason, the most direct way is to introduce relatively reasonable and strict copyright issues of film and television drama posters. Otherwise, this phenomenon will always be in the infinite leather ball cycle.

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