Changsha No. 7 Hengtaixin Cooperative Straits: Shenxiang Golf created a new interior high ball experience!

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Create high -value casual space
      Shenxiang 100 Golf · Simulation Space is high speed informationa new place built by pure iron sports Shenxiang 100 Golf Club, covering an area of 360 square meters, integrating golf, chess, rehabilitation physiotherapy centers, and KTV.Here, you can enjoy the fun of golf and experience the real ending experience brought by world -class simulator products.
      Different from other indoor golf stations, entering Shenxiang, as if entering a contemporary art museum.Starts start with details. Exhibition display, lighting, functional division, and artistic installations have been carefully selected and planned, blurring the boundaries between indoor golf and art museums.
      As soon as you come here, the whole person will become easy.The space is spacious and comfortable, and there are scenery in wherever you go. When you stay in such an environment for a few hours, you will feel relieved from the usual busy state.This is a well -known indoor designer inviting.

Combination of multi -business forms to enrich customer experience
      Shenxiang 100 Golf · Simulation Space combines golf, chess and cards, rehabilitation physiotherapy centers, and KTV to provide customers with multiple experiences.There are 3 golf indoor simulation halls in the club. The theme decoration styles of each simulation hall are different, giving people a bright look.
      Shenxiang 100 Golf · Simulation Space is Heng Taixin's seventh cooperation hall in Changsha. All the golf emulator in the museum uses the Hengtaixin brand.Heng Taixin is a world -renowned golf technology company. Founded in 1998, focusing on providing a real room golf experience for golf lovers.Hengtai's golf simulator is well -known for its unique smart push system, the number of stadiums, and exquisite screens, creating the most authentic golf course environment for golfers.
      Changsha's hot summer, cold winter, and long rainy season brought a lot of inconvenience to the players.The indoor golf is not restricted by the season and weather, providing them with a space that can practice and enjoy golf throughout the year.
      There are also 3 luxury chess rooms and 1 sports rehabilitation physiotherapy center in the venue.Here you can wave the club, experience 1: 1 to restore the stadium, and even oversive large -screen theaters and K songs. You can also do a rehabilitation physiotherapy to experience the supreme enjoyment of switching, listening, physical, and sensing.
      Not only that, Shen Xiang also pays attention to the improvement of supporting services.They provide professional coach guidance to help customers improve their ball skills. At the same time, the stadium also has a comfortable rest area to allow customers to enjoy the fun and social fun while relaxing their physical and mental.Whether alone or team activities, you can find services to meet your needs here.
No need to go long, just step into Shenxiang
You can start a wonderful golf trip
      Shenxiang 100 Golf Club Address: Shenxiang 100 Golf Club No. 100 Shenxiang Road, Changsha County, Changsha City

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