British undergraduate unscrupulous application for a master's degree in Australia?

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Original title: British undergraduate unscrupulous application for a master's study in Australia?时事热点

Xiao Wang graduated from high school and chose to go to the University of Birmingham University to study chemistry. Before the science test could be close to full scores, chemistry was one of his strengths, so he chose this major without Kasuo, but Xiao Wang underestimated the foreign country.Not suitable, the degree of difficulty in English teaching, began to hang frequently in the sophomore year, and the junior could not stick to it. I feel unprecedentedly confused about my life and the future.After dropping out, or being fired directly by the school, forced to drop out, there is no degree to return to the country, where should you go, how to face the former alumni, parents' expectations, and how to open a new chapter in your gorgeous life?

However, during the confusion of Xiao Wang, I learned through the Internet and the recommendations of friends around him. In some cases, the solution in this case is most satisfied with Xiao Wang.After a few years of life experience in the UK, his language ability has also been improved. He has the confidence to graduate smoothly, but Xiao Wang still wants to change a major.After finally choosing, Xiao Wang wanted to study in Australia, changed the environment, and finally chose the University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne (UNIMELB, referred to as "Mo Da"), the world's top 20 universities.Founded in 1853, one of the world's top public research universities in Melbourne, Australia,2024qs World University Ranking 14, 20123U.S. News World University ranked 27th; 2023 Softcock World University's academic ranking is 35th; 2024 Thames Higher Education World University ranks 37thA total of 4 Australian Prime Minister, 5 Australian Governor, and 9 Australian governors were trained.Among the alumni, professors and researchers at the University of Melbourne, they have produced 8 Nobel Prize winners and 120 Rod scholars with a reputation of the "Global Youth Nobel Prize".It can be said to be one of the well -deserved prestigious schools

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