Views of securities firms | At the beginning of spring, all things renew

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  2023-12-22,breaking news China Post Securities released a research report in the computer industry, which states that at the beginning of the spring, everything is renewed.

  The specific content of the report is as follows:

  From the perspective of the technological innovation cycle, the scientific and technological revolution brought by AIGC technology has entered the next stage. At present, domestic computing power is booming, and domestic application -side education and medical care are mature. We believe that in the future, a new round of AI industryThe upgrade will be dominated by the development of domestic multi -modal technology, which will give birth to the application of diversified industries.From the perspective of the policy cycle, the recent data elements related policies have been densely landed, and the industry enters the stage of public data operation exploration. In 2024, the "data finance" will officially begin.In the medium and long -term dimension, we continue to optimize investment opportunities such as AI computing power/applications, data elements, networking, and Xinchuang.Data elements: Data finance officially kicked off in October 2023, and the National Data Bureau was officially unveiled.On December 15, 2023, the National Data Agency drafted the "Data Elements ×" Three -year Action Plan (2024-2026) (Draft for Soliciting Opinions). "At present, the market -oriented configuration of my country's data factor has officially moved towards the new stage of the national system and mechanism innovation and top -level design. The government, market and society comprehensively integrate the market -oriented configuration of data factor, accelerate the development of digital economy and digital China construction.Suggestions: (1) Public data operation: (), new software, mountains and weft, (), etc.(2) Data elements are in table: (), (), etc.(3) Other industrial chain links: (), Bohui Technology, (), Puyuan Information, (), etc.AI: Pay attention to multi -mode development opportunities Overseas giants have announced the latest research and development progress of AI technology. In December 2023, Google announced the most powerful model Gemini, and many overseas multi -mode AI applications appeared. Multi -mode form became the next one for the development of the industry.tuyere.At the same time, the development of large domestic models has brought a surge in computing power, the challenges of superimposed the external environment, and domestic AI computing power has risen rapidly.Recommended attention: (1) computing power: (), (), (), (), (), dawn, and so on.(2) Multi -modal: (), (), (), (), Danghong Technology, etc.(3) Application: Jinshan Office, (), (), (), New Software, (), (), etc.Internet of Vehicle: Vissed in the prospect, accelerated on the ground on July 26, 2023, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Standardization Management Committee jointly issued the "Guide to the Construction of the National Vehicle Industry Standard System (Intelligent Connected Automobile) (2023)". In September 2023, "Highway engineering facilities support the technical guide of autonomous driving, which will be implemented on December 1 this year.At the same time, various governments have issued relevant documents to accelerate the layout and guide the high -quality development of intelligent connected cars, increase investment in the field, and actively promote the process of industrialization of key technologies in smart cars.At present, the car networking industry chain has a complete ecology and the penetration rate has continued to rise. It is expected that driven by policy and unified technical standards, the penetration rate of my country's Internet of Vehicle will reach 26.15%in 2023.Recommended attention: (1) car road collaboration V2X: (), (), Hanxin Technology, ().(2) Autonomous driving: (), ().Xinchuang: Huawei's entry to accelerate the domestic replacement process, Hongmeng's ecological construction has accelerated, and many head manufacturers have joined.Huawei will launch products for Hongmeng's native applications and native experience next year. At the same time, Alipay, (), etc. will join the Hongmeng ecological "circle of friends".The booming development of Hongmeng Ecology is inseparable from the training of talents. At present, there are already 23 985 universities and 46 211 universities.After 4 years of open source, Huawei Euler operating system has made significant progress in commercial deployment. In 2022, the market share of the new server operating system has been added by 25%, which has spanned the ecological inflection point. By 2023The proportion will exceed 30%.Reshape the development process of large models, and domestic AI computing power rising machines lead the industry upgrade.In August 2023, Yun Yun successively appeared in the domestic leading domestic AI model manufacturers such as Science and Technology, HKUST Xunfei, and Zhidu AI.Euler, Hongmeng, Shengteng, etc. In the development and complementarity of technical capabilities and industrial ecology, it will bring changes to the entire scene of digitalization and accelerate the domestic alternative process of industries in various industries.Suggestions: (1) Huawei Industrial Chain: (), (), Zhiyang Innovation, etc.(2) Xinchuang ERP: (), etc.(3) Industrial software: Central Control Technology, Suchen Technology, etc.Risk reminder: R & D progress is not as good as expected; technology is not as good as expected; industry competition is intensifying risks; policy introduction is not as good as expected.

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