Guangdong Wind Power Company's market -oriented fundraising 4.5 billion yuan, green development adds new motivation

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On December 20th,exclusive information Guangdong Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. ("Guangdong Power") All -as -the -Subsidon Guangdong Windsheng Power Co., Ltd. ("Guangdong Wind Power Company") increased capital and introduced strategic investor projects to successfully completeEssenceGuangdong Wind Power Company released 23.56%of the equity of 6 strategic investors, successfully realizing 4.5 billion yuan in market -oriented fundraising funds, fully demonstrating the asset value and growth prospects of green energy, and injected growth momentum into further accelerating green development.At the same time, this capital increase was an important measure for Guangdong Wind Power Company to build a "double -hundred enterprise", which laid a good foundation for the in -depth implementation of the deepening of state -owned enterprises' reforms.

Guangdong Wind Power Corporation has carefully organized and implemented in an orderly manner under the decision -making and deployment of Guangdong Energy Group, and actively carried out market research and roadshow promotion activities.Competitive negotiation procedures, eventually selected and successfully introduced 6 companies including Chengtong Fortune, Three Gorges Capital, CCB Investment, Agricultural Bank Investment, BOC Investment, and Bank of Communications.Strategic investors of high -associations will continue to empower the development of the new energy business of Guangdong Wind Power Company in terms of industrial extension, resource complementarity, and financial services.First -class digital new energy enterprises, establishing centralized cooperation, combining production and finances to implement the national "dual carbon" strategy and deepen the reform of state -owned enterprise reform.The journey is strong, and the introduction of strategic investors in this capital increase will become an important milestone in the new round of major development of Guangdong Wind Power Company. It will also become a new starting point for Guangdong Power to enlarge capital functions, integrate advantageous resources, and accelerate green development.Yue Power will focus on the national "double carbon" strategy, the "1310" deployment of the Provincial Party Committee, and the decision -making and deployment of Guangdong Energy Group to maintain a decision -making strategy of green development, adhere to the market -oriented orientation, continue to strengthen capital operation, optimize the industrial structure, and continue to strengthen and strengthenThe main green energy industry has made due contributions to the high -quality development of Guangdong Energy Group.

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official ProfileThe company is now a large power company with A and B shares at the same time, and is the largest power listed company in Guangdong Province.Business overview

The company's main business scope is the investment, construction and management of power projects.

The production and sales of electricity, technical consulting and services of the power industry.

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