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1. Location traffic

The热门话题 Wolong Valley is located at No. 299, Daxian New Road, Quanyi District. It is located in the popular section of the Chengdu-large surface.Bus Station of the North Section of the West 4th Road of Checheng: L013 Road Baiyue City Bus Station: L013/819, the project is adjacent to Jackie Chan, Yidu Avenue, and new airport high -speed entrances.The rail transit is the Chengdu Metro Line 2 Administrative College Station, which is about 1.9 kilometers. For the villa plate, this distance is just right.The bus route is also relatively abundant. The northern section of Checheng West 4th Road Bus Station: L013 Baiyue City Bus Station: L013/819, which can be transferred with the subway, and travel is very convenient.

Recommended: 5 stars

Summary of transportation: The Wolong Valley is located on the popular section. It is more convenient for subway bus and self -driving travel. In the future, there will be a planning site park on Metro Line 13 to stand on the large face, which will improve regional transportation.

Second, the overall planning situation

Wolong Valley is close to Swan Lake Park, facing golf, and the living environment is very pleasant.The total project occupies a total of 120 acres of ground, with a total construction area of 160,000 cubic meters, and has a variety of formats: double -spelling, row, stacking, and single buildings and other improved villa units.The project developer is Baili Real Estate, with strong strength. There are also projects such as Baili French -style Commercial Street and Baili International Center around the project.

Recommended: 4 stars

Planning summary: The overall planning of the Wolong Valley project is reasonable, the plot ratio is 2.0, the density density is small, and the commercial facilities are sufficient.The big selling point of the entire project is in the living environment, and it is really pleasant.

Third, apartment type

Wolong Valley 玖 玖 443.01 square meters of apartment A.

Unit A: 5 rooms and 3 halls and 5 sides of the building area of 443.01 square meters

Unit type comments: It is super tall and tall at 6.9 meters in the living room, magnificent and magnificent.Looking at the balcony at 270 degrees, the golf course outside the window is unobstructed, and the beautiful scenery is full.The design of 5 rooms and 3 halls and 5 sides can meet the use of the entire family. Many functional rooms: movie viewing hall, entertainment room, sauna room, swimming pool, etc., life and entertainment are fully satisfied.Each self -independent elevator is easy to work hard upstairs.

Recommended: 5 stars

Summary of the apartment: The units of Wolong Valley are both comfortable and practical.The use of large -sized balcony terraces guarantees lighting and transparency.The most impressed by the focus of the focus is the design of the separation of the cloakroom of the male and female owners, which not only retains privacy, but also increases comfort and praise.

  • 别 The villa of the existing house of Wolong Valley 别
  • 谷 谷 adjacent to the Wolong Valley Golf Course, invincible vision
  • 建 Upper, middle, and lower stacks: The building surface is 160-170 square meters really 220-300 square meters
  • Total price: from 3.9 million medium stacked, 5 million up and down, 60-90 square meters up and down garden 🌷
  • 地 地 天 [There is a sky and land, you are looking at Swan Lake Park] A total of 6 floors build a total of 500 square meters, the garden 100𝙢² ~ 300𝙢²🌷
  • Zhonghu: 6.8 million bite prices 8.8 million in the price
  • 看 看 🔺 🔺 🔺 [Look at the golf course, thousands of acres of oasis] in total, with a total of 441 square meters of property rights.
  • Total price: 2400-25 million ❗️

5. Core selling point

The existing house is a single -family villa, and the existing house with Qingshui is a front and rear garden; the construction area of 440 square meters is given 1,200 square meters, and the garden is about 300 square meters.

Six, surrounding facilities

With the pace of Chengdu's eastward, the surrounding facilities of the project will gradually improve.In terms of business, there are large -scale commercial streets such as Ito Yanghuatang, which have opened 468 in Greenland 468, Baiyue's own commercial street, and new city Wuyue Plaza can meet daily shopping needs.In terms of education, there are: Beiyue Group and Peking University Jade Bird Group jointly created the Peking University Chengdu Affiliated Experimental School, which has a one -stop education system from elementary school to high school.The medical care is not far behind. It has Baili Third Hospital and the Second Hospital of Huaxi to escort health.

Recommended: 5 stars

Summary: Park Yuebuzi Longquan for many years, it can be given great support to the Wedeong Valley in terms of commercial education and medical facilities.Coupled with the planning and development of the large -faced sector itself, there are a lot of points to the project

Summary: The Wolong Valley is one of the few villas in the main city. The project is not only beautiful, but also more well -known. This is very rare for a villa plate.The design of each apartment is also the advantage of great space in design, on the basis of meeting the various needs of buyers, coupled with the designer's ingenuity.At present, the price of the project has not been announced, and those who have the willingness to buy a house can visit the sales office to askEssence

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