Views of the broker | The "palm" of the humanoid robot on the pearl: hollow cup motor

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  2023-12-24,Current Affairs China Post Securities released a research report in the mechanical and equipment industry, which pointed out that hollow cup motors.

  The specific content of the report is as follows:

  Investment points are hollow cup motors that belong to DC permanent magnets control motors. It breaks the fixed rotor structure of the traditional motor in the structure. It uses iron -free fixed/rotor to solve the inherent problem of iron core structures in essence.Compared with hollow cup motors and traditional iron core motors, we can find that using its novel structural characteristics, there are many advantages of hollow cup motor, such as high motor speed, high energy conversion efficiency, high acceleration, high dynamic response, small volume, light weight light weight, light weight light weightwait.The hollow cup motor is divided into two types: brushing without iron core and brushless. There are no iron cores with hollow cup motors.There are differences in applications.The core technical barrier of the hollow cup motor lies in the self -support winding technology of the stator/rotor.The key point to realize the self -supporting winding is the design of the winding process: there are many winding types of hollow cup motors. Among them, the straight -line winding process is relatively complicated, and it needs to be formed multiple times.structure.Faulhaber in Germany uses an oblique coil. The automated equipment is one -time. The qualification rate is extremely high.The power density of the same -hearted winding hollow cup motor is large, and the Swiss MAXON motor uses this to make the motor product excellent performance; the second is that the winding of the winding equipment industry is mainly concentrated in Europe, America, Japan and other places.There is a large gap overseas.Due to its excellent performance, hollow cup motor products have a wide range of downstream application scenarios. Overseas manufacturers, Maxon, Faulhaber, Portescap and other technical precipitation, forming a certain degree of monopoly position.The application of humanoid robot hand schemes for hollow cup motors opens up the future development space of the product.The large -scale development of the global humanoid robot industry is expected to drive the broad prospects of the application of hollow cup motors.The demand for the performance parameters of hollow cup motors and torque of the humanoid robot's hand is not clear, and domestic manufacturers' products catch up quickly to overseas leaders. Therefore, domestic manufacturers are expected to occupy a place in the hollow cup motor market driven by the humanoid robot.Human -shaped robot hollow cup motor related subjects: The path of the new entry includes Yanshen from other fields or the product is expanded horizontally.At present, humanoid robot manufacturers are in the stage of product application definition, hoping to find out the true form of large -scale and popularization of humanoid robots.The hollow cup motor company that directly supplies the humanoid robot manufacturer can get first -hand application feedback, timely adjust its own technical research and development and product optimization path, coupledOccupy the first advantage.In addition, customers in the medical field are not price -sensitive. For the performance and quality requirements of hollow cup motors are similar to the field of humanoid robots, manufacturers who can enter the medical field may meet the application needs of humanoid robots.Focus on the company: (), Dingzhi Technology, (), () Risk reminder: The scale of humanoid robots is not as good as expected risks; hollow cup motors do not meet the expected risk; product technology breakthroughs are blocked.

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