Party building leads high -quality development of social work

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Original title: Party building leads high -quality development of social work

In March of this exclusive informationyear, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "Reform Plan for Party and State Institutions". The plan proposed to form a central social work department.lead."Things are in the Quartet, in the central government", with the establishment of the Central Social Work Department, social work will usher in a new round of development boom and agglomeration opportunities.Provide guidelines such as construction and other work to provide multiple guarantees for social work practice with Chinese characteristics.

The Ministry of Industry and Industry of the Central News Agency established the value and rationality of the high -quality development of the party building and cooperative work.

At the macro level, the "one nuclear leader, coordinated coordination" governance pattern.From the perspective of national governance, the party building leaders can coordinate and coordinate the distribution of resources and become a combination of social work services.At present, rapid urbanization and population aging inevitably have many social contradictions. Based on this background, in order to avoid conflict between disputes caused by contradictions, social work institutions across the country have continued to expand.On the one hand, the growth of the number of institutions creates space for empowering the high -quality development of grassroots social work.Along with the governance model of the "branch built on social workers", it is fully rolled out of grass -roots society, and the scope of social work services and the field are continuously extended by the leadership of the party committee; on the other hand, the level of institutional development at this stage is alsoIncrease management burden.Against the background of the Central Social Work Department, the national social work leadership system was established.The central level coordinates the initial formation of institutions and mechanisms such as financial resources and unified formulation of social work policies. In addition, the party building leads this "red engine" political advantage, organizational advantage and professional advantages to play the party building.Complexity.The ecology of crushing, disorderly and scattered social work service is expected to improve quality.In other words, the dual tension adjustment of the Social Work of the Ministry of Social Work and the Organization Department of the Party Committee in the new era is an important part of improving the value of social work radiation. With the joint efforts of party and government relations, it will be more prominent to promote social work governance functions. "The governance pattern of one nuclear leader, overall and coordinating "can provide multiple experience mirrors for the Central Social Work Department.

At the mid -view level, the "three -way collaboration, complementation of experience linkage" resource system shaped.From the supply of social work resources, the establishment of the Central Social Work Department can further coordinate the service level and efficiency of local institutions.In the past, the institutional mechanisms of interconnection, complementarity, and interaction between social work institutions in various places were still not sound, and it was only difficult for the industry to form a trend of communication.In the context of the establishment of the Central Social Work Department and the party building unified, social work resources have gradually taken shape, vertical and vertical dynamic resource supply systems.First, the overall (local → local) social resources coordinate and integration capacity is enhanced.The local social workers' commission has a strong ability to coordinate and coordinate. For example, Guangdong Province, which has advanced experience, can give other provinces as a demonstration in resource allocation and construction planning."Lack of functions" is constrained.Second, in order to take a new round of institutional reform, the "first formal array" of the new round of institutional reforms, the Central Social Works Department visits the National Letters and Calls Bureau, the local social industry commission, and grass -roots social organizations.Some of the internal institutions of the Central Social Work Department have gradually appeared and confirmed that local practical experience was applied at the central level.Third, vertical (central → local) forms a national resource coordination.In the background of the party building leadership, the "commanders" of the "command pole" of the party building, the maximum effectiveness of the "command pole", co -ordination of multiple social resources, exercise the right to decide on major matters such as personnel mobilization and financial approval, and release the "provincial -city -county" resource supply system under the leadership of the central government.It is supplemented with policy documents as a guidance to leverage charitable resources to support the development of social work, and open up new channels for social work resources.

At the micro level, we can improve the "diversified resolution, and follow -up" guarantee mechanism.From the perspective of party building good governance, the management model of the current party -leading grassroots governance is a key factor in ensuring coordination and supervision of social work coordination and urging implementation.First of all, on the road of comprehensively promoting the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with Chinese -style modernization, the economic and social high -speed transition period, and the complexity of the social field is also accompanied by the diversification of the economic field.The overall, systematic and coordination is an important characteristic of social work to achieve diversified contradictions.On the basis of the unified deployment of the central government and the in -depth implementation of party building, the potential of refined, normalization and diversified social work services can be stimulated, and the dynamic connection of social work and grass -roots disputes has been achieved.The degree of integration of collaboration, mutual cooperation, and co -construction.Secondly, the central government ’s overall planning social work is used to achieve normalized assistance.Special financial support to ensure that the disadvantaged groups should be rescued and supported.For example, the "walking relatives" -type home visits and "zero distance" assistance facilities update and transformation requires quantitative and regular supply of resource. It is difficult to succeed by the local resource foundation.Institutional policies and improvement of resource allocation plans, awakening local social work institutions to generate higher added value in resource utilization, and avoid improper use of resources to affect the ecology of local social work governance.

The Ministry of Industry and Industry of the Central News Agency established the inspiration of the high -quality development of the party building and the social work

The first is the systematic work of the party building, and the organizational system and the governance system interact.Social work is an important part of the governance of the party building and regulation. Promoting social work with the party building is an important starting point for the high -quality development of people's livelihood and civil affairs.At present, the passive situation of fragmented, scattered, and non -interconnection of grass -roots social work is urgently needed to accelerate the improvement of the party building and leading community system under the management framework of the Central Social Work Department.On the one hand, the national integrated social work governance framework is an important carrier for social work to carry out daily work, and it is also a key factor in determining the release of service potential energy.Therefore, the organizational structure and personnel composition of the local social work committee can be used to spread the reform of functional departments in combination with the actual situation of various places to provide the main position for the governance of grassroots governance for social work radiation.On the other hand, you can rely on the party and mass service centers to build a special interconnection derivative platform for social work.Implement the entire process of related mechanisms, and publicize the status of volunteer services, service sites, and social conditions reflection on the new media platform to respond to social work in response to the development of social work development.Based on the overall consideration of the party's construction of modernization and the modernization of grass -roots governance, party building social workers have been implemented steadily with the party's political responsibility.develop.

The second is the scientificization of party building social workers, and the combination of political leadership and service practice.The unified deployment of party committees' social work can improve the scientific, professional and flexibility of major emergencies.Starting from the field of social work, the advantages of party building and leading social workers in the intervention of social services on the one hand responded to the theoretical propositions of the party's scientific and coverage, and on the other hand, it also overcome the practical practice of political and professionalism in the field of social governance.Proposition.First of all, during the development of the party building leadership, through the improvement of the "mass contact" mechanism, regularly convene the enrollment channels of party member volunteer backbone meetings, representatives of social work organization representatives, and social organizations.Excellent tradition provides experience accumulation and opinion for social work to respond to social needs.Secondly, it is necessary to build a group of party building brand activities that are welcomed by the masses, social acceptance and both the times.The value principle and practical norms of social work, refine the field of service, and strengthen the deep integration of political leadership and social workers.Finally, the professional work and the function of party building are not contrary to the party's effectiveness, which is beneficial to the party's effective integration of society and the formation of the party building leadership mechanism.It is necessary to improve the ability of party affairs and conflicts of party building social workers, and to accelerate the modernization of grass -roots governance systems and governance capabilities of party building leaders.

The third is the efficientization of party building social workers, and talent training and mechanism guarantees are promoted.The party's role in the core leadership in social work is an important feature that my country is different from the development of western social work, and it is a distinctive feature of social work governance with Chinese characteristics.The Central Social Work Department establishes reform and innovation for the social work professional security system, attract social work talents, and maintain the stability of social work teams.First of all, we must improve the social work title evaluation mechanism.Absorb more outstanding people to join the social work team, strengthen the social operation logic and laws of party building social workers, and embed the mentor training model of "theoretical training+practical operation" in the evaluation system, use the social workers' help mechanism, improve talent training and reservesAnd talent reservation rate.Secondly, improve the incentive mechanism for the social work team reward and punishment.Improve the salary of social workers, strengthen social identity clearly, and break through vocational discrimination, so that social workers are more focused on their jobs.Improve social identity with the dual guarantee measures of "spirit+material".Finally, the responsibilities of various departments and departments are divided into division of responsibilities.The functional system of building social workers is an important link to realize the self -appreciation of the party building social workers. Enhancing a sense of condensation and trust is a major focus on social workers themselves in the industry's endogenous recognition.Stimulate social service enthusiasm for social workers to achieve the efficient development of party building social workers.

(Zhu Yuanyuan, Zhong Haozhong,Author Unit: School of Law, Guangdong University of Technology.

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