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Since the development of the second batch of theme education, GM (hereinafter referred to as groups) has promoted the medical and medical health sector units to always adhere to the people's supremacy and life first, and continuously enhance the sense of mission and responsibility of state -owned enterprises for medical treatment.All units adhere to the political nature of the party's surname party as the people, follow the principles of small incisions, demonstrations, and effectiveness, vigorously promote the fine tradition of the "four under the grassroots level", continue to carry out the "universal health bank" activities, and benefit people's hearts.The facts of the facts, the things that warn the people's minds, and do good things, and effectively enhance the people's sense of gain, happiness, and security.

Promote high -quality services and sink to send health to the masses "door"

Since the development of the second batch of theme education, GM has put the safety of the safety of the people and the health of the people's lives, focusing on the people's anxiety, "key small things" and the health guarantee of the key groups of key populations, and give full play to the main advantages of the main responsibility of the group.Really handle the people and benefit the people.

Deepen the front -line inspection of the truth, reality, and effectiveness.GM -Jianjian Qingdao Kangyang Company focuses on living alone, empty nest elderly people, in -depth to investigate and study the current status of elderly food aid services, develop recipes scientifically and update regularly to ensure that the elderly are full, healthy, and rest assuredEssenceGM Huahua Medical Changji Pretending Hospital went to 7 operating areas in Xinjiang Oilfield to conduct investigations around the subject of "field health service standardization".An interpretation of the "one -to -one" medical examination report on the "Healthy House".The General Hospital of the General Technology Herbal Flower Medical Bureau of the North China Petroleum will open the "venue" to the "scene", go deep into the outpatient and ward to learn about the first line every day, and vigorously promote the reform of patients to "run only once".There are 36 problems, 33 problems on the spot.

Play a combination of fists, send medicine and medicine to give health, and improve the happiness of the masses.GM's full use of the advantages of central enterprises to do medical large -scale resources, vigorously carry out volunteer services for "General Health Bank", and go deep into communities, towns, schools, key enterprises, and frontiers of ethnic minorities., Health preaching, etc., have sent 1625 medical teams and 10,774 medical staff, carried out various types of health inspections more than a thousand times, served 238,000 people, and sent health services to the people's "door".

Expand the scope of service, enhance service capabilities, and promote the expansion of high -quality medical resources.GM is supported by the third -level hospital, with the level of tertiary hospitals as the standard. 6 new medical units, 36 new medical courses, new services cover more than 30 million, newly added daily service scale 30,000 30,000 service scaleThe number of people contributes to the construction of healthy China.

Optimize the configuration of medical resources to maximize the demand for the service service of the masses

Make every effort to ensure the peak of pediatrics.Since the autumn, the "pneumoniacum" has swept the country, and the number of pediatric clinics and emergency people in various places has continued to rise, which has remained high, and the hospitals are overwhelmed.Focusing on solving the problem of "pediatric medical treatment difficult", the group of people affiliated by the group quickly acted, opened the green channel, increased the source, and expanded the ward, and went to the hospital for 24 hours.war.A total of 142 pediatric clinics were opened at all levels of the group, and more than a thousand medical staff stopped spontaneously.Established more than 30 party members' assault teams and youth volunteer service teams in the front line of pediatrics, added more than 60 pediatric outpatient clinics for 24 hours, and had more than 60 outpatient clinics, and accumulated more than 800 pediatric beds.At the same time, a number of medical institutions affiliated to the GMC by adding night clinics at night, renovation of children's exclusive cartoon ward, online WeChat mini -programs accurately appointment, adding self -service aircraft, free quilts, folding chairs, hot drinking water and other typesHuman sex, intelligent and convenient measures shorten the waiting time for the treatment, alleviate the nervousness of children and parents, and continuously improve the experience of medical treatment. It has provided 680,000 high -quality heart -warming services to children across the country.In addition, General Technology Chinese Medicine actively revolves around children's medicine, and has a good drug reserve and supply to ensure the needs of the masses.

Actively open a "special outpatient clinic".In order to solve the problem of medical treatment time for office workers, students and other groups, many hospitals in the group have successively launched convenient measures for "delayed outpatient clinics", "night clinic" and "no fake outpatient clinics", and provided "homogeneous" consultation to patients with "homogeneous".Services, maximize the demand for peaks of the masses.General Technology General Medical Medical 302 Hospital, General Technology Global Medical Yangmei General Hospital, Yangmei 3rd Hospital, etc., specially opened the "Night Clinic" and "No Holiday Outpatient Clinic" of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine/Rehabilitation Medicine, allowing office workers, students, etc.The group can enjoy the convenient and high -quality medical services on holidays; General Technology Aerospace Medical Hunan Aerospace Hospital and the surrounding Liujia Street Community Health Service Center jointly build a "three special joint clinics" workstation to achieve the "specialist, experts, specialized work" linkage, promote the promotionCommunity health services are "cured for the first time."

Actively create a typical service.GM's tree selection has promoted "community embedded medical and nursing combination", "male nurse team who undertakes the task of urgent and difficult and danger", "a cup of water warm heart service", "the peak of the discipline to help the aerospace power", "red dragonfly entered Tibetan volunteer activities", "threeTen years of helping Aba "" Wuchuan merchants to send medical treatment to the countryside "," White Angels in Petroleum Red "," Opening a Foreign Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic "and other advanced models, promoting learning results to promote the development of enterprisesNational unity, help rural revitalization, and promote the vivid practice of Chinese medicine to get out of the country.

Actively promote digital empowerment to allow health services to "reach"

The GMS adheres to the focus of the people who provide better medical and health services for the general public, in line with the digital trend, actively carry out "Internet+convenience services", create a smart medical service platform, and realize the "zero distance" between patients and medical institutions.The group's medical institutions have vigorously promoted the construction of Internet hospitals, carried out Internet diagnosis and treatment, and promoted the masses to see a doctor to seek medical treatment.GM ’s health management company focuses on solving the problem of inconvenient medical treatment for the elderly, the crowd, and after the postoperative crowd, and create a“ Kangju home ”service platform to push the“ tentacle -to -hand ”medical on -site service to more than 400 nationwide.A city.Through WeChat Mini Program, a new model of health services for user order, platform distribution, and medical on -site service, the masses can not only enjoy basic care such as on -site demolition, medication, blood collection, injection, etc.Advanced care such as sputum -absorbing care can also be used for more than 40 professional services such as mother -to -child care, nurse accompanying, and traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy.General Technology China Pharmaceuticals passed the postal management platform of the hospital's smart service, allowing hospitals, pharmacies, and patients to share and share real -time information.The service mode of convenient use "and" re -examination convenience ".General Technology Aerospace Medical Aerospace Center Hospital takes the lead in realizing medical insurance mobile payment. Patients can achieve registered refund and outpatient payment on the mobile phone through WeChat mini -programs without having to operate through the window or self -service machine.Its Internet hospitals have realized Internet medical integration services including online registration, online registration, online prescriptions, online payment medical insurance real -time reimbursement, online appointment inspection, and drug national distribution.The complete process of the settlement service is closed.

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