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  2023-12-24,hotly discussed information Debon Securities released a research report in the basic chemical industry, which states that () Lithium battery and fluoride new materials projects have passed the environmental assessment, and the Taizhou polymer material production base project signed a contract.

  The specific content of the report is as follows:

  Review this week.This week, the new material index closed at 3343.25 points, down 0.85%month -on -month.Among them, the top five of the increase include () (15.15%), () () () () (6.28%), Jinbo shares (6.26%), () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () (3.47%);(-9.01%), () () (-5.21%), Ao Laide (-5.19%), Anji Technology (-4.82%), Kaisai creature (-4.62%).Among the six sub -industries, the semiconductor material index of Shenwanan -level industry closed at 5718.38 points, a decrease of 3.66%month -on -month; the Shenwan -three industry display device materials index closed at 1027.66 points, a decrease of 1.02%month -on -month; the CITIC Three -level industry organic silicon material index closed at 5779.29Points, a decrease of 0.1%month -on -month; CITIC's third -level industry carbon fiber index closed at 1954.17 points, an increase of 5.47%month -on -month; CITIC III industry lithium battery index closed at 2099.37 points, an increase of 0.26%month -on -month.EssenceThe Lithium Electric and fluoride -containing material projects of God have passed the EIA.On December 19, the Nantong Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau approved and approved the environmental impact report of Tianci Materials (Nantong) Co., Ltd. at an annual output of 243,000 tons of lithium battery and fluoride new materials projects.This project is a new project, which is located in the Toyokou Chemical Industrial Park (West District).Double fluorosulfonal amine lithium production line, lithium battery, modified polytetrafluoroethylene resin production line, fluorocarbon resin production line, hexofluorocyline single production line.After the project was completed, it formed an annual output of 200,000 tons of lithium battery electrolyte, 20,000 tons of new electrolytic biposamulfonal amine lithium (folding), 10,000 tons of lithium batteries, modified polytrafluoroethylene resin, 10,000 tons of photovoltaic photovoltaicFluorocarbon resin, 2890.1 tons hexafluoropylene monomer, and 86,000 tons of by -products polymerized aluminum chloride, and 30%hydrofluoric acid in 3,000 tons of by -products.(Data source: fluoride chemical industry) Sign signed by the Taizhou polymer material production base project.On the morning of December 18th, a high -molecular material production base project with a total investment of 10 billion yuan was officially signed in Taizhou, Jiangsu.The project is invested by a listed company and settled in the Chemical New Material Industrial Park in the Taizhou Pharmaceutical High -tech Zone (Gaogang District). The overall planning of the project is divided into two phases. Among them, the first phase of the project is planned to start construction in 2024, and it is completed and put into operation in 2026.This project is a strategic emerging industry that the country strongly encourages development. It adopts innovative synthesis and processing technology, which is conducive to the achievement of "dual carbon targets". The product has excellent biocompatibility and can be applied to medical equipment, medical materials, and consumables.In other areas, with the high degree of fit in the large health industry, the construction of the project will help the Taizhou Dae health industry to make up a strong chain.(Source of data: Published by Taizhou, new chemical materials) Key target: Semiconductor materials are accelerated, the downstream wafer fab has expanded its production rapidly, and it is optimistic about the maximum advantage of the head enterprise industry dividends.The photoresistic sector is the key core link of my country's autonomous and controllable road, and it is optimistic that () is optimistic about the high -speed progress of () in terms of import substitution.In terms of special energy, Walter Gas has deeply cultivated the electronic special field for more than ten years, continuously innovated research and development, and achieved import substitutions. The dual layout of the Southwest base overlayed the air -scoring equipment, and the integrated industrial chain map was initially displayed. It is recommended to focus on Walter gas.In terms of electronic chemicals, the downstream wafer fab is gradually completed, and the production capacity of the chip is expected to be continuously released. It is recommended to pay attention to: Anji Technology, ().The downstream demand promotes industrial upgrading and innovation, and the industry has entered a period of rapid development.The continuous promotion of manufacturing and upgrading in China, the demand for high standards and high -performance materials will gradually be released, and the new material industry is expected to develop rapidly.() The three major businesses have maintained a high growth rate, and the dental giants are working in a way. The explosive growth of new energy business has been expanded in horizontal expansion and vertical extension to create new material giants. It is recommended that the national porcelain materials of the new material platform -type company are recommended.The performance of polymer materials is inseparable from the polymer aid, the domestic anti -aging agent leader (), Zhuhai New Based on the real estate capacity is gradually released. With Kangtai's shares, it enters 100 billion lubricant additives to create a second growth point. It is recommended to focus on domestic domestic.Anti -aging agent leader Lianlong.In the background of carbon and neutral, the green power industry is booming, and the amount of photovoltaic air -loading machines has gradually risen. It is recommended to pay attention to the leading raw material metal silicon companies (), EVA particle technology industry leading (), with silicon hydrochloride production capacityTo.Risk reminder: downstream demand is less than expected, product price fluctuation risks, new capacity release is not as good as expected.

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