Views of the brokerage | Electronic Week view: New terminals at the end of the year are listed successively.

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  2023-12-24, Debon Securities released a research report in the electronics industry, which pointed out that the new terminals of the terminal at the end of the year are listed in one after another, optimistic about the opportunity of AI terminals and chip localization.

  The specific content of the report is as follows:

  Semiconductor: Continue to pay attention to computing power and the opportunity of equipment for equipment.Last week, the electronic index fell by 2%, of which the semiconductor equipment sector fell less (-1.1%), while the IC and semiconductor material sector fell a lot.Review last week: 1) On the disk, the target of the computing power chip stabilized last week (Haiguang and Cambrian rose by 2.0%and 1.5%), and continued to be optimistic about the localization of the computing power.The equipment leader () rose 2.67%week, and the current corresponding 24 years of consistent expectations of PE24 times.Dongxin's adjustment was large last week, but from the perspective of the storage price, we believe that the storage demand continued to improve.1) In the incident, on the 12th, the US Department of Commerce stated that it would conduct an investigation of the US semiconductor supply chain and the foundation of the defense industry (starting January 24) to solve national security concerns from Chinese chips.We believe that the proportion of most domestic chip companies at present is very low, and the impact is expected to be limited, but the necessity of further strengthening the national production of the industrial chain.Prospective next week: On 12/26, Huawei will hold a full -scale winter scene launch conference, which is expected to release a new Nova mobile phone.It is recommended to pay attention to the domestic mobile phone IC chain opportunity.Suggestions: Haiguang Information, Cambrian, Northern Huachuang, Tuo Jing Technology, (), (), etc.Car Electronics: At the end of the next anniversary, the science and technology feast is concerned about the progress of the M9 and Xiaomi Automobile.Review last week: Tesla's chief designer revealed that the company is developing wireless charging technology, and the vehicle is parked in the garage can be charged through the induction cushion.On December 20th, Xiaomi opened the "Xiaomi annual science and technology feast" event Mi Fan recruitment in the official community. A total of 1,000 people were recruited. The event time was from December 24th to December 29th. Xiaomi's latest products and technology are expected to appear.The official Weibo of Huawei Terminal issued a number of Weibo on December 20. The official announcement of the M9 and Huawei full -scene winter conference will be held on December 26.It is reported that the M9 M9 is equipped with Huawei Touling smart chassis and Xuanwu body.Huawei Terminal Weibo also shows that many new products such as Nova12 series will be released.Prospective next week: Pay attention to the Winter Winter Conference of Huawei on the 12/26, 12/24-12/29 Xiaomi annual science and technology feast. It is recommended to pay attention to Xiaomi Automobile related: (), (), Ruikeda, and Jingwei Hengrun.Consumer Electronics: It is expected that the CES exhibition C position on the AI station is expected to pay attention to the opportunity of AI terminal.Review last week: 1) Last week, the consumer electronics index fell 1.2%, which was less than the electronic index.Among them, the MR sector has performed against the trend, and ()/Jiepte/() weekly increased by 1.95%/2.10%/1.72%, respectively. We believe that the sector market will continue as Apple's investment in MR has gradually increased.2) In the incident, Apple has made more new progress this week in the AI layout: 1. Developed-made AI technology-Hugs, and by analyzing short videos, creating "digital people" in 30 minutes, and then mapping to create new actions and angles; 2、通过将LLM模型的News information数据存储在闪存中,Ny fodboldtrøje绕开RAM容量限制,News information从而有望在iPhone上运行大模型;3、best replica sneakers苹果公司已经和多家主要出版商达成协议,通过采集其相关新闻内容,replica shoes以训练Generate AI system with a amount of at least 50 million US dollars.We believe that MR as an important terminal of AI at the same time is expected to benefit Apple's positive layout on AI.Prospective next week: From January 9th to 12th, 2024, CES (International Consumer Electronics Exhibition) will be held at Las Vegas, USA. Currently, more than 3,500 manufacturers will be exhibited.At the same time, Huang Renxun, CEO of Nvidia, will bring special CES speech on the eve of the opening, publishing the latest generating AI breakthrough.Samsung CEO will also host a press conference of "AIFORALL: AI Age Connection".We believe that AI will become the core subject of this CES and further promote the development of AI terminals.Suggestions: 1) XR equipment: Jepte/()/()/Shenkeda; 2) Components: Zhaowei Mechanical and Electrical/()/()/Gao Wei Electronics;News precision/() and so on.Risk reminder: downstream demand is less than expected, industry competition is intensified, and the risk of trade friction.

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