Chinese Women's Golf Board Board Ye Lei won the first crown

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  • 相关, Xiamen, December 14th. The Women's Middle Tour flagship event: Oriental · Chinese Women's Golf Open closed on the 14th. Stanford graduates Ye Lei won the first career at the Xiamen Oriental Golf Course with two advantages.And became the first champion player in the history of the women's middle tour in the 54 -hole event.

Ye Lei won the first title.Yuan Jiasheng Photo

  Ye Lei, 22, caught 14 birds in the competition, scored 202 (69-66-67), and 14 was lower than the standard pole.

  "The last push is not very easy today, because I know that I have two ahead, so it doesn't matter if I don't advance, but I especially want to keep 54 holes in the grades of no cypress," Ye Lei said. "At that moment, it was quite pretty pretty pretty.nervous."

Wang Zixuan won the runner -up.Yuan Jiasheng Photo

  The 16-year-old Beijing girl Wang Zixuan also did not have Bai Taber in the last round. She scored 68, 204 in three rounds (71-65-68).This is the best result of Wang Zixuan's tour in the women's middle tour.

  Zhang Yunxuan, also played by Zhang Yunxuan, the champion of the Senior High School Women's Championship in the leading group, ranked third with 205 (68-68-69), and ranked third in the score of 11.

  New Zealand Chinese player Xu Suyang participated for the first time after he transferred his career. The last 5 holes caught 4 birds and scored 67 shots. The total score was 206 (-10), ranking fourth.

Thai player Sherman became the prize king of the season.Yuan Jiasheng Photo

  The 27 -year -old Thai player Sherman was tied for 27th, and his annual income was RMB 278,472. He took over the tenth of Zeng Liqi, becoming the women's bonus king this season.She was also the first international player to win the women's bonus king after 2018 (Thailand).

  Ye Lei, who led 1 shot into the final wheel, encountered Wang Zixuan's powerful challenge.Wang Zixuan's first nine holes of the first nine holes (two holes and No. 5 holes) were caught by the birds, and hit 3 feet at the top wind splitter at the 110 yard of the seventh hole, caught the dead bird, entered the post -nine holes.Time to lead Ye Lei.

  Ye Lei said after the race: "Actually, my ball is very stable in the first nine holes. There is no problem with the long pole, and there is always a chance to push birds, but I have been caught by two birds.","

  Ye Lei caught a 3 -foot bird in the No. 3 and Caves Cave. She said that the 12th hole was a turning point, because she pushed the 12 -foot uphill bird push.Subsequently, there was a hole, No. 13, and five holes. She attacked the Ridge with two shots and pushed the birds at a distance of 25 feet.

  The moment of decision to win or defeat appeared at Hang 17, Ye Lei and Wang Zixuan had the opportunity to catch birds.Ye Lei cut the ball in addition to 48 yards and caught a 1 -foot dead bird, but Wang Zixuan missed a 5 -foot bird push. Ye Lei held two advantages when he entered the last hole.Wang Zixuan made a mistake in this difficult hole, but only Bao Pa, and Ye Lei attacked the Gusper, hit the Guoling Ring in the rear, and finally pushed the game.

  “我认为这个胜利来的既快又不快,”叶雷说,热点资讯“因为我很早就开始打职业赛事了,UA Batch热点资讯昨天还回忆说,第一次参加女子中巡是在10年前,PK God12岁的When. From this perspective, it did take a long time to win the championship. In the past four years, he played in the United States League in the United States and rarely participated in the country in China, so there is no chance to win the championship. I transferred to my career for five months.6 or 7 games, now winning the first championship, from this perspective, it is fast. "

  Ye Lei is also the second "foreign card champion" in the woman.Like Zhang Yunxuan, she has achieved victory in the case of a foreign card.They won the two -year qualification for the women's tour because of winning the championship.Although next year will take the Epson Tour as the home battle, Ye Lei said that as long as the schedule does not conflict, he will definitely return to China to participate in the women's middle tour.

  "I must be satisfied with this result, because I played with professional players, and I am still working hard to learn from them," Wang Zixuan said, "And I am sick, so the last day is not very high.The knee is particularly painful. But this runner -up has given me a lot of confidence. I believe that next year, you can sprint the championship again in the woman. "

Zhang Yunxuan won the third place.Yuan Jiasheng Photo

  The third place Zhang Yunxuan said: "The last round is definitely not very good. The hardcore is the best in three days, but I missed many push rods, especially the first nine holes. I missed a 6 in the second hole.The feet pushing rod missed a 3 -foot push pole on the 6th hole. But I think my ball has a step on the ball. After I come back, I have played 6 rounds of six -character head. "

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