The twelfth National National Games Ball Test Tournament ended in Sanya

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On December 9th,一刻资讯 the 12th National Ethical Traditional Sports Sports Sports Sports Fall Test Competition.Liu Qicheng Photo

  On December 11th, the national cup of the national cup in 2023 and the 12th national ethnic minority traditional sports sports conference.The 85 ball masters in Inner Mongolia, Beijing, Shanghai and other places said that "毽" Lucheng launched a fierce competition, and eventually produced the championships of each group.

  There are four small items: men's three men, men's doubles and women's trio, and women's dual competitions.After the fierce competition of dozens of games in three games, the Hainan team won the first prize of the women's doubles and the women's trio; the Guangxi team won the first prize of the men's doubles and the women's dual match.

  "In order to prepare for the 12th National National Games of next year, all provinces, regions and municipalities have been fully prepared, and a group of high -level athletes have been selected to participate in the competition. During the competitionThe level of technical and tactics has presented many wonderful games to the audience. The quality of the game is very high and the event is organized. "Construction has improved the overall business level and comprehensive quality of the referee of the ball.

  It is reported that the ball has a history of more than 2,000 years. The territory of badminton, the rules of volleyball, and the technique of football are one. It is a very ornamental and competitive mass sports project.Part of it is loved by the masses.At the fifth National Traditional Sports Games in 1995, the ball was listed as a official game.

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