What is China Win South Korea, when will the Chinese football team win the South Korean team?

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Laori, hello everyone, today I will share with you what competitions for China to win South Korea, and when the Chinese football team won the relevant issues of the South Korean team, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.If you can help everyone, I hope to pay attention to the collection below. Your support is our biggest motivation. Thank you for everyone, let's start below!

The Chinese football team won the South Korean team on March 23, 2017, with a score of 1-0.

On March 23, 2017, Beijing time, the 2018 Russia World Cup Asian qualifiers in the 12th round of the 12th round of the Twelfth round of the Russia launched a focus battle. The Chinese national team faced the Changsha Helong Stadium against the South Korean team.In the first half, Yu Dabao shot low and was thrown, and then he received the first goal of Wang Yongbo's corner kick and scored the first goal of the top 12 of the National Football Team. In the second half, Zeng Cheng rescued several times, and Hongzan blocked Hong just the header on the line.In the end, the National Football team defeated South Korea 1-0 and won the top 12 of the top 12.

The country is enough for 1-0 to win South Korea, winning this hard-won victory.It is worth mentioning that this is the first time that the National Football Team defeated the South Korean team at the World Football Team, and it was also the second time that the national football team wounded in the international A -level match to defeat Tai Chi tiger.The victory of this game also made the national football team reappear and re -filled with hope.

In fact, when the national football team faced the South Korean team, the team was in an absolute disadvantage.Although the national football team won the victory of this game, in the face of Tai Chi Tiger, the record still won 3 wins, 13 draws and 19 losses, and was in a absolute disadvantage.In the past, when the national football team was facing South Korea, the record was too bad, which also made the outside world quarrel, indicating that the national football team had terrorism!

The national football team defeated South Korea for the first time, dating back to the distant 1986. At the time in the Nehru Gold Cup, the country was enough to defeat Tai Chi Tiger 2-1, but the game of that game was not high.Those who really let the national football be angry, it is the 2010 East Asian Fourth Fourth Fortune. At that time, the country was enough to break the Tai Chi tiger with a score of 3-0 and ended the embarrassing record of the Korean team for 24 years.

In the top 12 of the Asian region, the national football team defeated the South Korean team with a score of 1-0, and created the history of the team's first victory over the South Korean team at the World Bouch.There is no doubt that this game is the most magnificent in the Sino -South Korean war, allowing the national football team to recover endless contest!Lippi, the coach of the national football team, also won the full trust of people with the victory of this game!The second time to defeat the national football team in the formal game, it also brought the so -called fear of Korean disease!

Sina Sports News: In Wuxi News on January 28th, Beijing time, the third CBA-KBL Chinese and South Korean star confrontation, the CBA All-Star team lost to the KBL star team 73-75, for the first time at home, KBL foreign aid Odejer wonMVP of this game.

The CBA star team Wang Shipeng scored 14 points, Wang Zhizheng and Zhu Fangyu scored 12 points each, Yi Jianlian scored only 5 points, and the Fujian team's foreign aid Potter scored the highest 17 points for the team.The KBL team's foreign aid Jones scored the highest 23 points in the game, and Oderje, who had played for the Beijing team's foreign aid, also contributed. He scored 22 points.In addition, the scores of other players in the KBL team are single digits.

The original star friendship match became a stage for referee performances. In this competition coached by two Chinese referees and a Korean referee, both sides are constantly "protecting" their own teams and players.At the last moment of the game, this "protective whistle" once aroused strong dissatisfaction of the fans on the spot.

The competition appeared in the fourth quarter. Such a funny scene appeared: the Korean referee sentenced the Chinese team to walk, and returned to the Chinese referee to immediately take a walk. The game became a referee's game.The fans at the scene were very dissatisfied with this. A few minutes before the end of the game, someone threw drinks in the field and caused the game to interrupt.

This game was jointly enforced by a South Korean referee (Park Xiong) and two Chinese referees (Ban Qi and Song Yanping).In the entire game, the South Korean team was sentenced to 37 fouls, and two fouls were sent off for five fouls.The two teams added to 64 times together, 40 minutes of competition, and a whistle was rang once in less than one minute on average.

In the lineup of the CBA star team, except for Liu Wei, Zhang Qingpeng, Porter, and Lamazana, the remaining 12 players came from the three strong three players in Guangdong, Bayi, and Jiangsu Nangang.Jiangsu team coach Hu Weidong should originally assisted Li Qun as assistant coach of the CBA star team, but because of a sudden high -fever hospitalization, he did not appear in the field.

After the opening, the CBA star team was not in the state. Wang Zhizheng tried it twice and did not invest, and soon lag behind 2-9.Zhu Fangyu also felt bad, and she was not a good hand.The only highlight of the first section was Yi Jianlian's block. After conducting some troops, the Chinese team gradually improved. Double foreign aids and Potter made power. Zhu Fangyu used his teammates to cover and hit three points outside.At the end of the first quarter, 14-20, the CBA star team was 6 points behind.

In the second quarter, Jones scored 7 points for the KBL team, and the difference continued to widen.Liu Wei scored three points outside, 17 to 27.Oderje was sentenced to a foul for Chinese referees, which aroused strong dissatisfaction of Oderje and roared to the sidelines.After that, the South Korean referee's punishment on Chinese players became severe, and the game was frequently interrupted.Although the CBA team has made replacement adjustments many times, Hu Xuefeng, Zhang Qingpeng, Ramazana, etc. have replaced them.The KBL team relied on foreign aid's restraint in the inside to firmly maintain a leading advantage of about 10 points.At the end of the first half, the two teams fought 35-42.

In the second half, he would fight again and again, and Wang Zhizheng, who had more than a section, went back to battle.Under the leadership of Wang Zhizheng, the CBA star team scored 7 points in a row, and the two teams fought 42 draws.But with the excellent performance of Oderje and Jones, KBL won the lead again.The Chinese team ended the third quarter with 54 to 56.

The last section that should be deducted was completely controlled by the referee. The referees between China and South Korea continued to pay attention to each other with whistle. The two sides went on the free throw line again and again, but the Chinese team has never found the opportunity to overtake.The foul was punished, and Wang Shipeng did not make a penalty. The Chinese team eventually defeated 73-75 at home.

On Tuesday, the two teams will move to South Korea Incheon for the second round.

CBA startup: Liu Wei, Wang Zhizheng, Wang Shipeng, Zhu Fangyu, Yi Jianlian

KBL startup: Odjer, Kim Shengyi, Liang Donggen, Jones, Liang Xisheng

A total of four games, the Chinese RNG team defeated the South Korean SKT team 3: 1.

The heroes of both sides in the first game are relatively stable.The spicy incense pot was crazy in the early stage, and directly grabbed the SKT three roads. Uzi was the highest damage and won the MVP.

In the second game, the lower road opposite was suppressed by our lower way, but in the later period, the South Korean team changed 1 4, won the dragon, reversed the situation, and the second SKT won.Li Xianghe's MVP.

In the last two games, the Chinese team poured down and crushed the opposite side crazy, and the state was excellent.In the last game, the blind monk of the incense pot came to the China GANK of Faker. The South Korean team was killed in a double group, and the ordering Letme will also kill Olaf on the road. Then our Chinese team will start snowballs and expand their advantages.In the second team, the last wave won the game.

Extended information:

After the Chinese team won the championship, mainstream media such as the People's Daily, CCTV5, CCTV News, China Daily, China Youth Daily, China News Agency, Xinhua News Agency, Yangguang News reported on Weibo/WeChat as soon as possible to win the championship.New media such as the central government of the Communist Youth League and the new media such as Ziguang Pavilion also reported congratulations. Mainstream media and authoritative agencies have also promoted the news of winning the championship to further lead to reports on the entire network.

For the League of Legends and the entire Chinese e -sports, the first year of the 2018 main away away, with the opening of the policy and the improvement of the public recognition, e -sports will enter a new era of development again, and the League of Legends as the main away away of the e -sports fieldThe pioneers will also play the role of leaders in the development of the e -sports industry in China and the global e -sports industry.

What kind of development opportunities will be ushered in in the future, it is still difficult to judge at this time, but undoubtedly, the development speed and influence of e -sports have reached the existence of the entire society.The outbreak of the Asian Games after winning gold is the result of years of precipitation and accumulation, and after that, there are more things worth looking forward to.

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