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Biden stood on the balcony of the White House,breaking news facing thousands of supporters and opponents.His skin has become dark, and his eyes are flinched with red light.He raised the microphone in his hand and began to make his inaugural speech.

"My American compatriots are a great day today. Today, we have ushered in a new era, a dark era. One of us can get rid of the old restraint and pursue freedom and strength." He said.

"I know some of you don't understand why I want to make such a change. You may think that I have been brainwashed or what virus has been infected. But I want to tell you that this is my own choice. This is meThe best choice for yourself and the country. "

"You may not know, I have joined a secret organization, an organization dedicated to transforming human and world. It is called BSAA, that is, the biological terrorism safety assessment alliance.Elite groups, they have the most advanced technology and resources. "

"BSAA has conducted many successful nuclear fusion experiments worldwide, creating a energy source that is hotter than the sun. This energy source can provide us with unlimited power and weapons, making us the strongest in the world the strongest in the worldBig country. "

"But this is not enough .BSAA also developed a special gene therapy that allows humans to blackened, enhance our physical fitness and intelligence, and allow us to adapt to any environment and situation.We can restore our original appearance at any time. "

"I am the first person to receive this therapy. I want to be a role model, a leader, a pioneer. I want to show you the possibility and potential of our future. I want to invite you to join me,Enter the Dark Age together. "

"Of course, I will not force anyone to make such a decision. You can choose to accept or reject my invitation. But you must know that if you reject my invitation, you will be regarded as the rebels and enemies.You will face our hunting and punishment. You will lose your freedom and rights. You will be disgusted and abandoned by us. "

"So, I persuade you to think twice. Don't let your fear and prejudice hinder your progress and happiness. Don't let your past and now restrain your future and dreams. Don't let your weakness and ignorance become youThe burden and obstacles. "

"Join me, my American compatriots. Join the dark era, our new world. Let us create a better, more powerful, and darker United States together!"

After Biden finished speaking, he put down the microphone and waved to the crowd.The White House behind him has been covered by the black flag, which says the logo and slogan of BSAA: "Darkness is power, and power is freedom."

In the crowd, some people cheered, some were silent, some were crying, and some were angry.Some of them have accepted the invitation of Biden, some are still hesitating, and some people resolutely oppose it.

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