[APEX event information] In the semi -finals of the qualifiers in the semi -finals of the qualifiers, the CN national team is about to set off!

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        After the first day of the qualifiers this week, after 3 rounds of competition, 40 teams stood out, they willAt 12 noon on December 10thThe final quota competes, and the finals will start immediately after the semi -finals.Points such as FC, Shadow are not enough to compete for points quotaThe team will point out Zhou Guan, butKPG, NoCredit and other points are at the forefrontThe team is also more willing to lock in the regular season places in advance to avoid the night's dreams, and both have reasons to win the victory.So, who will win this week?

        Let's talk about yesterday's game, whether the first roundSome groups only have 11 teamsAfter a game, individual teams withdrew,The remaining 10 teams are promoted directly; The second round of the seventh group is full in advance, MXF and Shadow are thrilling in the third round, while the Tyk where Killoposz and Sharky are located are unfortunately fell in the second round.And after this game ends, it will be broadcast quickly.

        In the third round, the effect of the program is missing, and more of the quota in the semi -final quota: KPG, FS, YXZD, and Shadow's four CN teamsThe group's top name enters the semi -final; MXF may not be fully played this week because of too stability. After the second round of thrilling advancement, the third round has not been favored by the goddess.1 point between the difference between the loss and the semi -finals; Kill Devil suffersroll pointThe great impact also fell before the semi -final ...

    Finally, let's take a look at this week's semi -final teamHistory qualifiersThere is a general understanding of their strength.

        Among them this week12 teams have no experience in the semi -finals at allI don't know if they can adaptThe first three rounds of the 4 inning systemarriveSemi -final of 6 inningsIt is worth mentioning that one of these 12 teams hasYou can get a higher ranking in the PRO training competitionThe team, Akuma, is currently in the predicament of having to take Zhou Guan.

        The form of this APEX competition is6v6 team fighting, The staff of each national team is configured as6 players+1 coachEssenceOnly the official information so far is the only informationThe rough game time and the list of Korean teamsEssence

Competing time

List of Korean team personnel

        The 9th championship is also the Realize 1 of the Asia -Pacific North TeamObly and SANGJON are sent (I don't know why the Asia -Pacific Northern Card God), and Ganbare Otousan directly dispatched the team (including coaches). I don't know if Jusna would take out a arrogant suit in the game.(From the video below1 minute 5 seconds to 1 minute and 34 secondsIt happens to be Jusna+Obly.)

        At present, the official configuration has not been announced, but the current CN lineup should be that Feitian sniper wants to work hard, Wu more Mingyue, genius beautiful girl Kasha, idiom Xiao Phoenix, VKMdy Xiaokai and ghost Youl1ngtxtXT!

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