"DOTA2" AME player returns to return!Join the XG team

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The Xtremegaming E -sports Club issued a variable announcement announcement, official announcement @LGD e -sports club Wang Chunyu (ID: ame) transfer to @Xtremegaming e -sports club.

Traveler's starry sky

Announcement of the original text:

After many friendly negotiations, on the premise of fully respecting the players' wishes, from now on, @LGD E -sports Club Wang Chunyu (ID: AME) transfer to @Xtremegaming E -sports Club.

    Since entering the DOTA2 professional stadium in 2015, Wang Chunyu has won the MDL International Elite Invitational Tournament, the 2018 epicenter cup, MDL Changsha MAJOR, and the Kiev Major.He has repeatedly fought TI and won the runner -up in Ti8 and TI10.This year, Wang Chunyu players played on behalf of the country and won the gold medal of the 19th Asian Games E -sports Tower of Hangzhou.This excellent achievement is inseparable from his amazing talent and hard work. The journey of this road also allows us to understand and get familiar with the heroic soldiers in this arena, and the quiet big boy in life.

    He is Xiao Se, is it, is it a two -dimensional heavy enthusiast, a "firefighter" in Taicang, the Dinghai God needle in the hearts of his teammates, and the source of the team's adversity.His world is not only DOTA, but he must not be without him in the world of Dota.

    Welcome@欢 欢 Players will return to the battlefield of DOTA2, and look forward to your joining that can make the team a new vitality, jiayou a chunyu!

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