"League of Legends" concept stock query, attached: list of listed companies (December 8)

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  League of Legends concept stocks include:

  Dr. ST Peng (600804):According to the news on December 8, Dr. ST Peng was as of 15:00, and the stock rose 4.09%to 4.830 yuan; within 5 days, the stock price rose 2.69%to a market value of 8.06 billion yuan.

  The company has in -depth cooperation in games such as King Glory and League of Legends to connect the interconnected lines and CAP node resources of both parties.

  Shunwang Technology (300113):On December 8th, the news was closed at 15.5 yuan, and the close was 15.940 yuan.The stock price rose 6.9%within 7 days, with a total market value of 11.067 billion yuan.

  Xunyou Technology (300467):On December 8th, the latest offer of Xunyou Technology was 17.060 yuan, down 0.87%, and the stock price fell 0.82%within 3 days.

  The company and subsidiaries do not involve the field of game development. The company's accelerator products can support the acceleration needs of mainstream market games. The company maintains a good cooperative relationship with Tencent. The company's accelerator is the built -in accelerator of Tencent's popular game League of Legends and the glory of the king.

  Zhidu shares (000676):According to the news on December 8, Zhidu shares were reported at 8.190 yuan, down 2.27%.The transaction volume was 58.1468 million, with a total market value of 10.455 billion yuan.

  The company's overseas subsidiary SPIGOT has been engaged in software development -related businesses for many years. SPIGOT is a third -party search traffic entry company driven by algorithms and big data technology, mainly including PC -end traffic entrances and mobile traffic entrance services.The PC side has self -developed products including self -developed browsers and security software. The mobile terminal has tools including weather, news, emoji and other tools. Among them, weather applications have long been at the forefront of similar applications.The company's wholly -owned subsidiary Beijing Pinghui Tianxia Technology Co., Ltd. applied as a third -party independent app store with the glory of the king, the peace elite, and the League of Legends LOL mobile game to carry out business cooperation in gaming joint transportation.

  Shengtian Network (300494):On December 8th, Shengtian Network opened at 18.6 yuan, closing at 18.040 yuan, down 6.04%.The highest price of the day was 19.08 yuan, the lowest was 17.65 yuan, and the transaction volume was 87.70 million hands. The total market value was 8.835 billion yuan.

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