A high -quality Chinese movie, received the invitation of the six princess to talk about the fun of the film

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As a rare high -quality Chinese movie in China, this film not only invites many acting actors to join, but also pursues excellence in production. The whole film has brought us a lot of excellent shots.EssenceTherefore, it is reasonable to receive invitations to talk about the fun on the set.It is worth mentioning that at the film shooting scene, the actors have spent happy time. Today I will share with you the fun of the film.

The first is about the interaction of the actors.Remember that when shooting a play, high -quality Chinese actors worked very hard to invest in the performance. Suddenly there was a shot that everyone needed to jump at the same time, and cooperated with a shot of the air, but the actors were not ready, but the actors were not ready, but the actors were not ready.As a result, this camera was shot many times, and the scene was laughing.Although the filming is tired, everyone has done one thing together and is full of fun.Although it caused a funny accident, everyone was immersed in the joy of shooting.Later, when the actors received an invitation to participate in the event, they all laughed and recalled that because they were not ready, they would shoot repeatedly. Fortunately, in the end, everyone worked together to complete this beautiful shot.

Followed by the director.When shooting an important role, the director asked the actors to repeatedly ponder the script at the scene in order to better express the mood of the role, and to express the emotions of the character through expressions and actions.This requirement makes the actors very confused, but they are also very dedicated to cooperate with the director's requirements, and eventually make the show very successful.It can be seen that the director's quality pursuit of this high -quality Chinese film is very extreme. No wonder it will receive invitations to many programs and share the fun of shooting.

The third is about photography.When shooting a lens that requires high -speed cameras, the photographer took every detail very carefully, and constantly adjusted the camera angle and speed, and finally presented us a very shocking visual effect.

The fourth is about music.In this high -quality Chinese movie, there is a very touching music. The actors are very emotional when shooting this play, but the music cannot be synchronized, which makes the actors unable to feel the emotional expression of music.Later, the music editor teachers adjusted the volume and balance of the music very carefully, so that the actors could finally express the emotions of music completely.

The fifth is about makeup.When shooting a drama that requires a long time, the actors pay great attention to the maintenance of the skin, and strictly make makeup in accordance with the requirements of the makeup artist.When the camera is switched to the face of the actors, we can find that their skin is very healthy, without any flaws, and the actors perform well.

This high -quality Chinese film is not only a artwork, but also a social responsibility movie.It allows us to see the ingenuity and enthusiasm of Chinese filmmakers, and also let us feel the charm and strength of film art.I hope that this film can attract more people's attention and love for film art, and I hope that everyone can experience the charm of the movie with us in the cinema.

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