Announcement of the Henan Opera Movie "Boxing Clouds" was held in Beijing

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China Youth Daily Client News (China Youth Daily · China Youth Network reporter Jiang Xiaobin) On the afternoon of December 8th, the Beijing Viewing Symposium was held at the Chinese Filmmakers' House of the Chinese Filmists Association.

Figures of the organizer of the Henan Opera Movie "Boxing Clouds"

The play has been from the script to the stage to make a movie, which lasted for 5 years.The crew made full use of modern film expression techniques, telling Guan Yu's loyal story, and once again shaped Guan Yu's artistic image, so that Guan Gong's spirit has glowed with new vitality in the new era.

Participating experts said that "Boxing Clouds" is the peak of Henan opera and film in recent years. It is the exploration practice of Henan's literary and art circles to promote the creative transformation and innovative development of traditional culture.The story of the Yellow River spreads the simple and strong patriotic feelings of the Chinese people, and sings the spirit of the Chinese children.

This observation seminar was led by the Chinese Filmmakers Association, the Chinese Drama Association, the Henan Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Federations, the member work office of the Chinese Filmmer Association, Henan Film and Television Association, Henan Drama Association, Henan Henan Theater Second Regiment, HenanLi Shujian Opera Art Center and Zhengzhou Yingguan Media Culture Co., Ltd.

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