The offline watching competition of the Gaoneng Hero Championship ended in the Silk Road Happy World, and the cultural tourism and e -sports have achieved linkage

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Most of the target users of e -sports are young groups. Combining e -sports events with the cultural tourism industry,时事热点 combined with the traditional culture and landmark buildings of the city, attracting more people's attention. It has been driving the vitality of the city in recent years.One of the effective means.As the starting point of the Silk Road and the ancient capital of the Thirteen Dynasties, Xi'an not only represents the heavy and traditional culture of history, but also among the e -sports audiences, but also the most e -sports atmosphere in China. It is an emerging trend and international fashion gathering place.Recently, the Shaanxi Travel Group Silk Road Happy World United Tencent Games Photon Studio Group, the high -energy hero champion championship offline watching party ended high -fire.Nearly a thousand e -sports enthusiasts gathered in the happy world of Xi'an Silk Road and witnessed this bloody e -sports feast.

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Silk Road Happy World West Gate

This time the high -energy hero championship adopted the "game point system". The 15 teams of the 15th lines of the cycle knockout competition fiercely competed. The players staged various extreme operations.It is expected that over 40 million people will watch the live broadcast of the event, and the total information of the event has exceeded 300 million+.As a popular new cultural tourism project in Xi'an this year, this time the Silk Road Happy World was selected as the only offline watching point in the country. During the live broadcast, the Silk Road Happy World promoted video cycle, allowing the majority of e -sports players to perceive the Silk Road cultureDifferent charm, the scene of the Silk Road Happy World is also shouting and laughing. Players have used their passion for passion to cheer, and there are uninterrupted draws during the watching, so that the enthusiasm of the players on the spot will continue to heat up.

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High -Energy Hero Champions Champion Championship scene

In addition to watching wonderful stimulus competitions, in the neighborhoods full of exotic style in the Silk Road Happy World, the game punching session also surprises players.In the stimulating overspeedurized roller coaster, challenge themselves. This is an exclusive game of adventurers. When the seat is transferred to the lying posture, the car body climbs to the high point and rolls 180 °.Players also experienced the windy and galloped Kunlun Mine -mounted car. They took the train and started Kunlun Mountain Expedition. At the highest point to overlook the city, they can also appreciate another scenery.

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Silk Road Happy World Marco Polo Explorest Tour

There is also a super magical journey of Marco Polo. In the ancient city of the Western Regions thousands of years ago, the sandstorm suddenly struck.; You can also feel the fantasy flying over the riding -type flying theater. This is the first super -body -sensitive riding flying theater equipment in the country. As the camera turns over the mountains, travels to the sky, sneak into the bottom of the sea., Lifting, making people immersed, like opening a new world, immersed.Players also interact with many Silk Road NPC fun. Dozens of "high -energy" amusement equipment allows players to enjoy the ultimate joy in the collision of passion and culture.

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Silk Road Happy World Old Aurora Crossing Crossing Train

Gao Neng Hero, as a story background, sets an e -sports mobile game in the future. It is a microcosm of modern humanistic and entertaining life. Xi'an also carries a long Silk Road culture and civilization.2. New scenes of cultural tourism, and promoting the integration of new technologies, new gameplay and cultural tourism, this competition cooperation has given full play to the comprehensive effect of "cultural tourism + e -sports".It has come to an excellent view of other events. Through e -sports events and its influence, the Silk Road Cultural Charm of the Silk Road Happy World has spread a broader spread among young groups, and it has a new way to make new in the park.The kinetic energy is injected into the new vitality and established a new landmark for urban tide.

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