These A -share e -sports concepts related listed companies are recommended to collect!(December 11)

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  Related e -sports game concepts listed companies are:

  Tianyu Digital Department 002354:

  The热点新闻 company's wholly -owned subsidiary gathers Digital Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. and Beijing Zhijing Future Technology Co., Ltd. joint venture to establish a new company Beijing Yuanjing Digital Technology Co., Ltd.In the future, Zhijing is a technology company with computer vision, computer graphics and AI technology as its core. It focuses on the development of character modeling, action capture, real -time rendering, AI drive, virtual live broadcasts such as AI virtual digital people.Gathering is the main accurate digital marketing business of technology, and has the qualifications of the huge engine and the huge amount of Qianchuan agent, the fast -handed KA effect advertisement and magnetic Taurus agent qualification.According to the agreement, after the establishment of the joint venture, Zhijing will transfer the AI digital virtual human R & D team, technology, and business to a joint venture in the future.Human development, serving e -sports games, brand marketing and other fields.

  According to the news on December 8th, the net outflow of the main funds of Tianyu Division was 30.877 million yuan, the net outflow of large single funds was 11.9371 million yuan, and the net inflow of retail investments was 35.2846 million yuan.

  Perfect World 002624:

  The company owns the exclusive operating agency rights of "DOTA2" and "CS: GO".Supreme bonus e -sports single competition.

  On December 8th, the net inflow of funds was 2.0425 million yuan, and the large single net outflow of 6.7449 million yuan, a renewal rate of 3.5%, and a transaction value of 861 million yuan.

  Youzu Network 002174:

  In terms of data flow to data, on December 8th, the net outflow of the main funds was 60.993 million yuan, and the net outflow of the large single funds was 32.168 million yuan.

  Oriental Pearl 600637:

  It was announced in April 26, 2018 that the e -sports market will be fully deployed to promote the construction of e -sports games, e -sports leagues, e -sports alliances, e -sports venues and other projects.The company also announced the lead of the establishment of an e -sports alliance, the G alliance, and members covered many industries such as content, platform side, and event partners.The G League is the first domestic e -sports league organized by the Oriental Pearl's game. It has been held for 11 sessions so far. It is one of the one -fingers in China.

  On December 8th, the main net outflow of the stock was 20.6727 million yuan, the large single net outflow was 22.441 million yuan, and the large single net inflow was 1.768 million yuan.

  Xiangyuan Cultural Tourism 600576:

  The main business is divided into two categories: Internet culture and Internet finance.Among them, the Internet culture is operated by "Xiangtong Anime" and "Wanjia E -sports".Internet finance is operated by "Yellow River Finance".Specific business covers the fields of Internet animation creation, Internet animation derivatives research and development, Internet and mobile online games.

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