TheSHY became the most popular player in the League of Legends in 2023 and won the award for the fifth time. What do you want to say about this?

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The 2023LPL All -Star Voting on the weekend has officially ended at 14 o'clock on November 30. The most popular players, the most popular commentary, the most popular host and the first place in each competition, the second -ranking player of each event are now announced.The following is the results of the results:

The first position of each position of the All -Star lineup

Order: Theshy
Wild: NING
Middle Road: ROOKIE
Lower: jackeylove
Auxiliary: baolan

The second place in each position of the All -Star lineup

Order: Bin

Jungle: weiwei

Middle Road: xiaohu

Lower: UZI

Auxiliary: CRISP

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