Thunder News: 2023 DOTA2 KOBOLDS RAVE kicks off, Chinese Duta Tali championship

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DOTA2 KOBOLDS RAVE is Current affairs informationa online competition for well -known Southeast Asia and Chinese teams. The four seeds are strong: Tea Team Aster needs to say more, as well as Geek Fam, Execration and BLEED ESPOSPOSPORTS.At present, the competition has entered the stage of the game, competing for a total bonus of $ 40,000.

A total of thirteen teams participated in this competition. The schedule is divided into two stages, namely group stage and knockout.The group stage is to match the nine teams, adopting the BO2 single -loop match, the first four teams enter the post -season winner group, and the five to eight teams enter the post -season defective group, and the remaining elimination is directly eliminated.After entering the playoffs, it is adjusted to the BO3 double defeat elimination system, and the final will be finalized with BO5 to determine the 2023 DOTA2 KOBOLDS RAVE champion.

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