Wake up, the owner's mentality returns, and began to encourage high prices. Will buyers enter the pit?

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Wake up,重大新闻 don't wait for the housing price to fall, the owner's mentality returns, and began to encourage high prices. Will buyers enter the pit?

This year's real estate market performance can only be said, but overall, in fact, most cities have performed very ordinary, and even house prices are still falling.

However, we can still find individual cities independently leading the rise. Its house prices not only did not fall, but also slightly rose, giving the confidence of buyers.

For example, in October, most of the 70 cities are falling, but cities like Beijing and Chengdu have risen.

It may be because of such a reversal that the mentality of many owners is no longer collapsed, and their confidence has begun to return.

As shown in the figure above, we can see that some of the owners of some communities are really fast. They no longer buy a house to buy a house. Instead, they generally sell the price to sell the house.The price of the house is higher.

For example, this friend, they are in a good community. Most of the people selling houses in this community are generally listed at 2 million, but some people have begun to stand upside down. They have to hang 3 million and suddenly hang up 1 million.

In addition, in the community's house selling group, it is called on everyone to raise the listing price. It seems that his confidence is the fastest back, and he can be so arrogant.

Although other neighbors did not hang 2 million houses to sell at 3 million houses like him, the price was generally raised between 200,000 to 500,000. It seems that he still has a certain appeal.

So in this critical period, it is really a smart choice to increase the price of the house?Will it make it easier for people with other low prices to realize?

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