Middle -aged parents' "Shaking Life": Buy a house, buy a car, and give your child an interest class

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For parents in first -tier cities such as Beishangguang,News Express life is almost bundled with the word "shake".

Buying a house, buying a car and shaking the number, giving birth to a child to go to school.

Xinyi, who is about to enter, has a seven -year -old son. Starting from the kindergarten class, her spare time is either accompanying the child's interest class or a shake waiting for the interest class.

"We are in class in the children's center, and the cost is very cheap. It is one -third or half cheaper than outside institutions, so there are so many people and can only shake the number."

In addition to Beishangguang, some economically developed provincial capital cities, the interest class of public training institutions is also difficult to find.

In Xiaohongshu, pen and strokes of the Youth Palace are also abound. Among many notes, some people even posted the "nanny level" strategy of the lottery, some people reported the "record", and some people complained.I have never won!"

In this issue, Micro Story interviewed several parents of children 6 to 11 years old, and learned about their views on the interest class of the "lottery":

Among them, some people are the "fans" of the Juvenile Palace. They feel that the interest class of the juvenile palace is more "reliable" than other institutions;

Some people think that the young palace is a "career", which can help look at the children;

Some people think that the juvenile palace is a "elderly university". They will not consider sending the children in;

Some people do not know that the Youth Palace is still interested in. Every year, "huge sums of money" to allow children to participate in various training, but in the end, they are "half -way" ...

The following is the true story about them:



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Shake and shake, continue to shake if you can't shake

Xinyi is a native of Beijing, and has a stable job of state -owned enterprises.Her unit is a second -level company, with small business volume and relatively large work pressure.

For her,The biggest pressure is the education of son Xiaobao.

Like many parents, since Xiaobao went to kindergarten, Xinyi began to report to him various interest classes.As for the location of the class, she chose to be located inChina Children's Center on Ping An Lixi Street.

As a public training institution, registration needs to pass the lottery.In order to shake the number, Xinyi almost gave up the right to choose the independent curriculum.As long as you can shake, it doesn't matter if you are in your interest.

Even so, "China Sign" is not so easy."I have been shaking for three semesters in basketball and art, and I will continue in the winter vacation and the next semester." Xin Yi said with a smile.

"Although it needs to be a lottery, the price is very cheap, and the vocal lesson is only thirty or forty yuan. You don't have to worry about being pitted here here. There are too many training institutions outside."

Like Xinyi, Lihua's recognition of public training institutions is also relatively high: "The quality of government -run institutions is better than outside.Teachers who can enter the Beijing Youth Palace at least they have the preparation, and the personnel of the personnel are not so strong. "

Before moving, Lihua's family lived near the Beijing Youth Palace.Near the water tower, when the eldest daughter was 8 years old, she reported to her child's interest class.

"The Children's Palace's class is very sought -after. Registering online is really seconds."Lihua recalled that in 2020, the school did not start class, and the child learned to paint in the young palace. It was only 20 yuan a lesson.

If it wasn't for moving, Lihua would continue to let the child learn from the young palace, but the distance was far away after moving, and she had to find a training institution near home.

"The teacher of the outside institution is very ordinary. I reported the dance class and piano class to the child, but the level of the teacher dare not violate, and the waist is not good. Because I found some problems, I asked for a refund.It's unhappy. "

Lihua, who had a unpleasant experience, became particularly cautious when choosing a training institution.The daughter's current flute teacher, after many inquiries of her inquiry, let the child learn from it.

Xinyi, who has always lived in Xicheng, has no trouble brought about by moving, but the repeated moves like "shaking" may continue for a long time.

"Slowly shake, learn to learn, you will not learn if you can't shake it."Xin Yi said.

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In the major first -tier cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the places of the youth palace need to pass the lottery.For example, Hangzhou, affected by epidemic prevention in the past few years, is even more difficult to find.In the one -to -1 monolithic course, the proportion of piano shaking has reached 281: 1, which is no less difficult than the college entrance examination.

For Chinese parents, children's education is a big deal, and "chicken baby" is the main task of almost every family.

Inclusive education? Elite training?

Unlike Lihua's affirmation of the teachers of the Juvenile Palace, Lihua's friend Flora is opposite to her view.

In Flora's view, the course of the youth palace is an entry -level class, which is not suitable for the long -term development of children.Therefore, from the kindergarten, she spent a high price in a private training institution to report dance classes and piano classes.

"My girlfriend has never been to the Youth Palace, and I have never shaken the number. We all took classes outside the training class. The tuition fee must be more expensive than the young palace.

Like the Junior Palace or Children's Center, such inclusive institutions are really cheap, but monks can't grab more porridge, and they can't learn anything when they are grabbed.

After getting started, I want to go deeper, and I still have to pay for it. The better the teacher, the higher the price, and the expected that the class is impossible to improve at all."

Flora's daughter is 11 years old and in the fifth grade of elementary school. He has learned dance since the kindergarten and has persisted until now.

In terms of investment in children, Flora never softened. In addition to professional interest classes, she invited a good teacher, she also took her children to participate in various performances and competitions at her own expense.Her daughter was also very angry and gave her a lot of trophies and awards.

Like Flora, Lu Su did not hesitate to invest in children.Lu Su's son Yueyue and Flora's daughter are right and right, and they are also in the fifth grade.

Starting from the middle class of Yueyue Shang Kindergarten, Lu Su began to report to him, Lego, basketball, taekwondo, and calligraphy, all she chose to help her son.

"Children have no idea. Generally, parents must be widely spread, and then find their children's interests and hobbies, and focus on training. But as the grade is getting higher and higher, the interest class will become less and less, because the proportion of disciplines is high."

Lu Su's income at work in public institutions is average, but there are only many more than other parents in terms of children's education expenses.In the interest class alone, she throws more than 50,000 money every year.

"In the cultivation of children, I never care about time and money. Parents around me have reported their children to classes.‘ Volume ’is yes, but even if others do n’t report, I will report it.” Lu Su said.

Data show that in the total financial expenditure of domestic families, education costs have occupied a considerable proportion and showed a trend of year -on -year.

In 2017, the average value of family education expenditures in the country was 8,143 yuan ("2017 China Education Finance Family Survey").Just two years later, the average value has exceeded 10,000 yuan, and children's education consumption is concentrated between 12,000 and 36,000 yuan ("2019 Domestic Family Children Education Investment Survey").

Among them, a lot of money was spent in interest classes.

Lu Su said he didn't know about the lack of the young palace in the palace. "Even if you know, I will not consider it if it is far away from home."

Although he invested a lot of time and money, Yueyue still didn't find his hobby.After studying for six years, Taekwondo has given up because he is too hard, and he finally has some interest in basketball, and he left because of his schoolwork.

However, Lu Su did not regret his efforts.

"At the stage of children, parents' hobbies for them are actually a cultivation of active consciousness. Even if they do not develop in this regard in the future, they can also cultivate sentiment and hone their will. It is also good for his future growth."Lu Su explained.

Interested class, another form of "elderly university"

Because the burden of schoolwork is aggravating the interest class, and the summer daughter's dream.

The 11 -year -old Mengmeng is in the sixth grade this year, and next fall will rise to junior high school.I was afraid that the child was not enough for too many shifts on the weekend. Some interest classes stopped in the summer and only retained the table tennis and piano that Mengmeng's favorite.

When her daughter was young, she also sent her to the Juvenile Palace in summer.

Mengmeng learns art in the young palace, the teacher is good, and she likes itself.

"In the past, the teacher liked it very much, but unfortunately I didn't open a class later. I have also been looking for the training institutions outside.Too heavy. "

In the summer, you have your own understanding of the functional attributes of the youth palace.

In her opinion, the juvenile palace is like a early education class. Someone sent someone to watch, and parents can relax in the process of waiting.At the same time, "can also open a door for the child and see the outside world."

As a parent who tends to grow naturally, in summer, it feels that the child has his own light. "She must have that talent, even if she does not get any training class, it will definitely flash."

Ms. Fang, who also holds different opinions on the interest class of the youth palace.

Ms. Fang is a six -year -old girl.In her impression, the juvenile palace is almost the same as the elderly university:

"Give children or the elderly a place where you cultivate your hobbies, you must grab the lessons online or mobile app, but the quality of the class is average."

After the 80s, Ms. Fang also took lessons of the young palace when she was a child, but the experience was not good.In her memory, the young palace she went to should pay too much attention to education, and the teacher did not care about it.

"Since it is an interest class, the teacher's attitude should be better. To mobilize the child's interest, some Olympic classes are purely test. Of course, this is the previous situation. How can I not know now?

Perhaps because the childhood influence was too deep, when her daughter arrived at the age of the interest class, Ms. Fang did not send the child to the Youth Palace, but reported in other institutions. She hoped that her daughter could cultivate some interests at high quality.

However, the child's own feelings, Ms. Fang also values it. "If the child goes to try the lesson, there are very favorite teachers or friends over there, and I will give up her insistence and consider letting her go to class in the youth palace."

Talent, can you also shake it out?

Although the claims of the interests of the interest class are different, when asked about whether the interest class is to allow children to develop in this regard, or simply cultivate hobbies, everyone's answer is basically the same:

Cultivate interest.

Xinyi, who is annoying to insist on "shaking", is not so high for the child.

"The mentality of registering was to expand her horizons and pass the time. The purpose of spending money was to occupy the child's time, not to let her learn something, I am this mentality." Lihua said.

Even Flora, who invested "huge sums of money" in children, and her daughter is already small, also simply said: "I just want to cultivate interest for the child."

The reason why Ms. Fang asked her daughter to learn piano because her daughter liked it. She hoped that the child could lay a good foundation from an early age. In the future, there will be an exit of soothing emotions.

"If she really has this talent, I want to take this as a professional, and I will support it in this regard." Ms. Fang said.

In the interest class, all the parents interviewed seemed to be more enlightened.But which parents do not want their children to be successful?

Summer frankly: "I occasionally tangled. Seeing that someone else's children got the medals or certificates or something, thinking whether it was too lazy to be an adult, I should force myself to work hard with the child.

But in my heart, I hope that art and appeal can be integrated into my daughter's life, becoming things like eating and drinking water."

In the cultivation of children's interest, summer education is more respected in the summer.

She said: "In Western countries, even the most common cleaner, he has his own feelings and understanding of art.

Of course, spending time and energy, who doesn't want to see a result?

However, before the child did not perform very enthusiastically in this area, I didn't want to consume the heat too much.It would be even more pitiful if he did not become an artist, and he became unwilling to feel even art.I don't want to pull the seedlings to promote it."

Lu Su, who had not expected his son to become famous, did not care about Yueyue's interest class.

In fact, not just Yueyue, many children around Lu Su are like this.For several years, that years have been studied, and many interests have been put on hold with their age and academic increase.

"If you can't find your interest, you can only move to the discipline. Now we have reported the discipline counseling of mathematics and English again." Lu Su said, "It seems that the end of interest is still the subject."

And this seems to be the normal state of all children.

The interest class is just the opening of their little life.After that, they will rise along the established trajectory at the beginning, and they will rise until they enter the university.

The older the age, the less interest.The softness of the piano and the melodious violin will eventually be replaced by Shushan Titles.

The days when they were held by their parents in one interest class and another interest class, they would eventually fall into dust and become a part of childhood.

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