New signs of Pakistani ceasefire believe that Israel is facing the dual pressure of the international community and domestic public opinion

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  On the evening of the 20th local time,real time news the Gaza Strip Health Department issued a statement saying that since the outbreak of the Pakistani conflict in Japan in October 7, the number of deaths in the Gaza Strip has reached 20,000, including about 8,000 children, 6,200 women, and 310 medical affairs in medical affairs.Personnel and 97 reporters.

  As of now, this round of conflicts have led to at least 21,497 people in Pakistani.

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  The United Nations Rebel Relief and Engineering Office of the United Nations said on the evening of the 19th that since the outbreak of Palestinian Palestinians, more than 60%of the infrastructure of the Gaza Strip has been destroyed or damaged, and more than 90%of the region's population has been displaced.

  A WHO spokesman said on the 19th that the number of medical staff in the Gaza Strip has decreased significantly, and at least 200 doctors have been killed in the conflict so far.

  The warfire in the Gaza Strip continued, and humanitarian disasters were still severe.

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  The Israeli side stated that in order to promote more detained personnel to be released from the Gaza Strip, it is prepared to cease fire in the Gaza Strip for at least one week.

  On the 20th, Hamas leader Ismel Hania led a delegation to the Egyptian capital Cairo, and negotiated with the Egyptian side to stop fire and exchange the detainees.The talks will discuss the "ceasefire and stop war" to release the detainee and lift the blockade of the blocks of the Gaza Strip.

  On the same day, at the request of the United States, the United Nations Security Council once again delayed the voting time of the draft resolution of the Pakistani issue submitted by the UAE.

  It is understood that the draft of this latest resolution called for emergency to stop hostile operations, enabling humanitarian assistance to enter the Gaza Strip safely, and called for a humanitarian rescue material monitoring mechanism led by the Secretary -General of the United Nations.However, the United States still objected to the content of "suspending hostile action".

  When the Security Council will vote on the draft resolution, it is still yet to be determined.Some media quoted a number of faith sources that the US delegation did not rule out the possibility of rejection votes for the draft resolution.

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Li Zixin, Assistant Researcher, Assistant Researcher of the Institute of Development of China International Institute of International IssuesIn an interview with the Global Information Broadcast of the Central Radio and Television, the central radio and television general station said that under the dual pressure of the international community and domestic public opinion, Israel changed to a certain amount of changes in the new round of temporary ceasefire attitude.

  At the international level, the UN General Assembly once again passed the decision with overwhelmingness, requiring the participants to stop fires as soon as possible to ensure the smooth flow of civilians' safety and humanitarian rescue channels.Although the similar resolution of the Security Council was rejected by the United States afterwards, the common position of the international community expressed by the UN General Assembly has expressed concern to relevant aspects, and it also put huge moral pressure on Israel, and Israel had to respond to it.

  At the domestic level, the family members of the detainees demanded that the Neitaniahu administration has given priority to the rescue of the rescue of the detainees.Especially after the accidental killing incident, Israel's domestic approach is increasingly dissatisfied with the government's current approach to solve the priority of the detainee person.The Israeli government also responds to domestic public opinion.

  In this context, Israel showed a certain position softening and looseness through a new round of ceasefire in exchange for the exchanges of the detainees, which also created an opportunity for the negotiations between the two parties.

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  At present, the global call for Pakistani to stop fire and stop war is getting stronger and stronger, and Israel and Hamas have recently held an open attitude towards re -ceaseing fire and release of detainees.

  Li Zixin analyzed that in this context, the possibility of a temporary ceasefire agreement between the two parties is relatively high.However, in order to achieve long -term and comprehensive ceasefire, the international community needs to be promoted.

  The possibility of the ceasefire again in the short term is very high. After all, this is in line with the current interests of the two parties and the expectations of the international community.

  However, even if the ceasefire is achieved, the probability is still a so -called humanitarian suspension, and the siege of Gaza will not be completely lifted.Humanitarian rescue supplies are still facing strict inspections and supervision when entering Gaza, and it is difficult for both sides to be completely released in the new round of personnel exchange.

  In addition, the fundamental goal of Israeli military operations has not changed, and it is still to completely defeat Hamas; and Hamas will only agree to the ceasefire agreement only to obtain a gasp.All parties are still preparing for subsequent military confrontation.

  Even so, the international community should strive to promote the achievement of the ceasefire agreement, maximize the persuasion of the two sides to extend the suspension period as much as possible, and can try to negotiate some sensitive issues during the stop of the war, so that the two parties can return to the negotiations to resolve the differences as soon as possible to resolve the differences.On the track, avoid further deteriorating the humanitarian situation of Gaza.

  Material Source 丨 Global Information Broadcast "Live World"

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