Offshore RMB Tightdown!The Federal Reserve releases important signals, global assets are mad ...

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On December 13,Current Affairs local time, the three major stock indexes of the US stocks rose across the board. The Dow reached a record high.As of the closing, the Dow rose 1.40%, the S & P 500 index rose 1.37%, and the NANPO rose 1.38%.

On the same day, if the Federal Reserve was expected to be motionless, the announcement of the post -line diagram showed that the rate hike cycle has been completed. Officials are expected to cut interest rates at 75 base points in 2024, that is, three times next year will be reduced by three times, and the interest rate reduction is higher than the expected in September.Fed Chairman Powell said that interest rate cuts have begun to enter the field of vision, and decision makers are thinking and discussing when to cut interest rates.Looking forward to the future, interest rate cuts have inevitably become a theme.

Affected by the Fed's "interest rate cut signal", on December 13, in addition to the rise in U.S. stocks, gold, silver, crude oil and other products also rose sharply.According to the Wind market data, on the same day, COMEX Gold and London Gold now rose more than 2%; COMEX silver and London silver rose nearly 5%; cloth oil rose nearly 2%, US dollar index rose by nearly 1%; the US dollar index fell nearly 1%The offshore RMB rose over 550 basis points against the US dollar.

U.S. stocks have closed sharply

On December 13, local time, the three major stock indexes of the U.S. stock index rose across the board. Among them, the Dow rose exceeded 500 points and stood 37,000 points, a record high;Create a new high since the beginning of last year.

As of the close, the Dow rose 512.30 points to close at 37090.24 points, an increase of 1.40%; the S & P 500 index rose 63.39 points to close at 4707.09 points, an increase of 1.37%;%.

On Wednesday, US Treasury yields plummeted.28 -year -old bond yields fell to 28 basis points at 4.451%; 10 -year Treasury yields fell 18 basis points to 4.026%.The degree is reduced.The 5 -year Treasury yield fell 24.5 basis points, reduced to 3.982%, and fell below the 4%mark.The yield rate of 30 -year Treasury bonds fell 12.9 basis points to 4.175%.

The US dollar index also fell sharply, and the US dollar index of the US dollar fell 0.96%of the US dollar index to six major currencies, closing at 102.865 at the end of the foreign exchange market.

On the same day, the Minutes of the Fed's latest Federal Public Marketing Committee (FOMC) monetary policy conference showed that the Fed decided to slow down the pace of interest rate hikes in December, and continued to maintain the federal fund interest rate target between 5.25%and 5.50%.

Including the Federal Reserve President Powell, all the ticket committees voted in favor of the monetary policy action.

According to the policy statement, the recent indicators show that economic activities have slowed down from the strong pace of the third quarter.Employment growth has been eased but still strong since this year, and the unemployment rate has remained low.Inflation has slowed down in the past but still high.

The dotmine diagram shows that the this round of interest rate hike has been completed. Officials are expected to cut interest rates at 75 base points in 2024, that is, three times the interest rate cut next year will be reduced, and the interest rate cut is higher than the expected in September.

Data show that the FOMC members are expected to be 4.6%for 2024 policy interest rates, and the median expectations of policy interest rates in 2025 and 2026 are 3.6%and 2.9%, respectively.

In comparison, in the dot -matrix map in September this year, FOMC members are expected to be 5.1%(corresponding to only 25 basis points once), 3.9%, and 2.9%, respectively.

The "Fed Observation" tools of the Chi Shang Institute showed that traders have increased betting on interest rate cuts in 2024. At present, the sum of the probability of 125 and 150 basis points at 125 and 150 basis has increased from 40%to 60%the day before.

Powell: interest rate cuts have begun to enter the field of vision

On the 13th local time, after the last interest rate resolution of the Federal Reserve's release year, Fed Chairman Powell held a press conference on monetary policy.

Powell said, "The interest rate level has entered a restricted area and the growth of economic activities has slowed significantly. We will make future decisions based on all data, continuous prospects and upcoming risks.Pressure to fixed investment in the enterprise. The activities of the housing department have become stable. In view of the progress we have achieved and the uncertainty of existence, we are advancing carefully. The growth of nominal wages seems to be slowing.Continue. The lower inflation data in recent months is popular. We expect to spend some time to drop the inflation rate to 2%. "

Powell pointed out that "we believe that policy interest rates have reached or approached the peak. It will maintain a tightening policy until the path to the 2%inflation target is confident. Decision makers do not want to exclude the possibility of further interest rate hikes.Progress is not certain. We will adjust policies as needed instead of adjusting according to the preset routes. The decisions will be made one by one. "

Regarding interest rate cuts, Powell pointed out that interest rate cuts have begun to enter the field of vision, and decision makers are thinking and discussing when to cut interest rates.Looking forward to the future, interest rate cuts have inevitably become a theme.He also added that the Fed was willing to cut interest rates even if there was no economic recession.And it won't wait until the 2%inflation rate is reduced, because it will be too late, it will exceed the goal, and the policy will take a while to affect the economy.

In terms of economy, Powell said that there is almost no reason to think that the economy will fall into recession, but accidents will not be ruled out next year. If economic recession occurs, it will seriously affect interest rate cuts.

TRADESTATION Global Market Strategy Director David Russell said: "The trader originally expected the information released this time would be more cautious, but the result was partial because the Fed recognized inflation.Policy makers believe that it is not necessary to tighten the monetary policy again. "

Apple's record high

In terms of sectors, the S & P 500 Index Eleven Blocks rose across the board.The public institutional sector and the real estate sector led an increase of 3.72%and 3.58%, respectively, and the communication service sector increased the smallest to 0.65%.

Most of the large -scale technology stocks rose, and Apple rose 1.67%a record high, with a market value of 3.08 trillion US dollars.Naifei rose more than 3%, Oracle rose more than 2%, Intel and Broadcom rose more than 1%. Nvidia, Tesla, Amazon rose nearly 1%, Meta, Google A rose slightly, Microsoft was flat.

On the news, Google announced that it provided a series of upgraded artificial intelligence tools for its cloud customers, and challenged the competitors Openai's large model GPT4.Google said that the Gemini Pro model has now been integrated into two key cloud products Google Ai Studio and Vertex AI for enterprises to use in development.Gemini is the largest and most powerful multi -mode artificial intelligence model in Google, and it is also the latest attempt for Google to show artificial intelligence.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website disclosed on Wednesday that because the autonomous driving control system is not enough to prevent misunderstanding, Tesla announced that over 2.03 million cars involved in 2012-2023 modelsModel X, 2017-2023 Model 3 and 2020-2023 Model Y.This is the result of NHTSA's defective survey for several years. A spokesman for the bureau said that the investigation found that Tesla's insufficient means to keep drivers' participation may lead to self -driving abuse.This recall is the second recall of Tesla's problem of autonomous driving system this year. After hundreds of collision accidents, the autonomous driving system has been increasingly reviewed.In February this year, Tesla recalled the "Full Self-Driving" system because NHTSA worried that cars using the system would drive illegally or unpredictable.

The stock price of the US biopharmaceutical company C4 Therapeutics (C4T) has soared more than 135%, the highest level since March this year.The stock closed up 98.31%yesterday.Earlier, C4T announced that it signed an exclusive license and cooperation agreement with Meridon to jointly develop an antibody coupling rejuvenation (DACS). This is an emerging treatment model that can selectively target the protein that causes diseases in neutralization and cancer cells.

Pfizer fell nearly 7%.With the end of the epidemic, the "new crown bonus" disappeared, Pfizer's latest expected revenue in 2024 will be US $ 58.5 billion to $ 61.5 billion, which is far lower than the market expectations of US $ 62.94 billion.Among them, the revenue of new crown drugs is expected to fall to US $ 8 billion next year, which is much lower than the market expected $ 13 billion.

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