Beijing will create a broadcast articles on the Cultural Relics Art Trading Exhibition Center

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"Several measures to build the International Cultural Relics and Art Trading Exhibition Center" (hereinafter referred to as "Measures") was officially issued a few days ago,热门事件 and proposed that Beijing will guide Shunyi, Chaoyang, Dongcheng, and Tongzhou to form characteristic services and scenes.Standing "comprehensive service carrier, promoting the results of third -party platform identification and evaluation can be traced back, upgrading the city's cultural and artistic atmosphere, etc., promote the vigorous development of international cultural relics and art transactions in the city, and build an international cultural relics and art transaction exhibition center.

Guide the four districts to form characteristic services and scenes

According to the "Measures", Beijing will guide Shunyi, Chaoyang, Dongcheng, and Tongzhou to form special services and scenes.Among them, Shunyi District will build an international cultural relics and artwork gathering area, give full play to the advantages of the functional carrier of the Tianzhu Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, gather global cultural relic art resources to form a full -chain and one -stop comprehensive service system.

Chaoyang District will build an international cultural relics art exhibition center, give full play to the advantages of international resource agglomeration in the area, conduct a group of comprehensive design such as display, trading, and settlement, support the development of new formats such as live broadcast auction of cultural relics and artworks, and support the establishment of customs bonded logistics centers (B BType), create cultural relic art collectors to exchange quality space.

Dongcheng District will build the main position of international cultural relics and art auction transactions, give full play to the concentrated advantages of historical and cultural venues and head auction houses in the area, strengthen functions such as international cultural and artistic exchanges, and exhibitions of foreign cultural relics return transactions, create the core area of national cultural relics art auction andwind vane.

Tongzhou District will build an original highland of art, give full play to the original advantages of Songzhuang, rely on the Beijing Urban Sub -center Cultural Expo Complex, actively create and exhibit outstanding original artworks, and promote the vigorous development of Beijing's original art.

Create a "one -stop" comprehensive service carrier

The "Measures" proposes that Beijing will unblock the full -chain of cultural relics and artworks.Among them, the joint supervision and service system of customs, cultural tourism, cultural relics and other departments will be optimized, and the expansion of the new model of the temporary procedures for the temporary entry and return of cultural relics will be expanded.For special artworks such as endangered species, biosi -fossil cultural relics, sound -light and shadow multimedia art devices, explore cross -department parallel approval service models.Under the premise of controllable risks, Beijing Customs will strengthen coordination with the supervision of the customs between the foreign customs, and support the cooperation of the bonded display transaction business across the customs through assistance and cooperation.

Beijing will improve the bonded service platform and promote institutional innovation in the field of cultural relics and art.With the authorization of the State Administration of Cultural Relics, the National Cultural Relics enters and exit the Beijing Management Office for the temporary cultural relics of the Beijing Port to enter the special customs regulatory area or the bonded logistics center (Type B) of the customs, and allow multiple extensions to expand the expansion of bonded display in a timely mannerFunction.

Beijing will build a "one -stop" comprehensive service carrier, relying on the Tianzhu Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, to create a "one -stop" comprehensive service platform and a full life cycle management service platform, introduce exhibitions, appraisal evaluation and other market -oriented service institutions.Establish a museum and cultural relic store in the bonded model to promote the exhibition of cultural relics exhibitions overseas.

Promoting the results of third -party platform identification and evaluation traceability

In terms of assessment and appraisal, Beijing will encourage conditional business entities to build a third -party cultural relics art appraisal evaluation platform, carry out cultural relics appraisal, testing, evaluation, repair, bonded display transactions and other businesses, forming a traceable identification and evaluation results, promoting cultural relic art artProduct evaluation and appraisal standards and system construction.

Beijing will optimize the online and offline supervision services of the auction, the auction of cultural relics and artworks carried out by the auction companies, simplify the review process of the auction target, and shorten the pre -review approval cycle.Support the digital transformation of cultural relics and art auction enterprises, and create platforms such as digital display, auction, trading, training, etc.

Beijing will also build a cross -border transaction service platform to build the copyright of Beijing's cultural relics and artwork and its original copy of the original copy.

Artistic products will be implanted in public space

Beijing will create a high -quality space carrier and enrich the integration of "cultural and business brigades".First of all, it will create a special art exhibition space, promote the in -depth integration of cultural relics art display with the in -depth integration of new forms, new spaces, and new scenes in the city, to create a supply and demand docking platform for artists and public space art exhibitions, and support the creation of "shared galleries", "art sharing of art sharing""Space" guides the cooperation strategies of state -owned museums and private art exhibition agencies.In the commercial space, urban parks, public transportation hubs and other artworks such as painting, sculpture, digital art installations, etc., cultivate public art aesthetic and artistic consumption habits, and upgrade urban culture and art atmosphere.

Secondly, it will shape the special artistic consumption space, encourage the creation of a strategy -based commercial space, and build an immersive social consumer scenario.Support conditional hotels to set up a diversified experience and consumption space for international cultural relics and art.Support urban renewal projects to focus on cultural relics and arts, and create a "cultural and business tour" composite space that integrates cultural and entertainment experience, new retail and new ideas.

In addition, it will upgrade the storage space of cultural relics and art, encourage market players to build a new batch of high -quality storage centers integrating bonded warehousing, display and other functions, and upgrade a number of existing exhibition display spaces, benchmark international advanced standards, improve storage storage storage storagesafety.

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Bright spot

Carry out professional talents such as auction service artists

Beijing will upgrade diversified talent services, support Songzhuang's "Artists Workshop" and other projects, collect and identify original works, and reward the identified outstanding works.Carry out the training of professional talents such as auction service artists, exhibition serviceists, and cultural brokers related to cultural relics art.

At the same time, the use of tax support policies, for the purpose of engaging in public welfare activities such as permanent collection, display and research, and imported collections imported from overseas donations, returning, pursuit and purchase, etc.EssenceMake full use of the Customs and Tariffs of the State Council's contact mechanism and dynamically strive for tariff reduction and exemption of important cultural relics and artworks.Relying on important open platforms such as the China International Services Trade Fair, we will actively strive for tax discounts on trade trading trading of cultural relics and art.

In addition, Beijing will increase fiscal policy support and provide investment and loan awards and rental policy support for eligible cultural relics art companies.

Encourage districts to introduce international head art institutions

Beijing will support the development of digital formatization of cultural relic art, support the development of new formats such as online viewing exhibition, live auction, and supply chain management of cultural relics art, improve the digitalization of cultural relic art, production and trading market supervision, strengthen online cultural relic artworksConsumer rights protection of trading activities.

At the same time, encourage various districts to actively introduce various market entities such as international head art institutions, well -known art expo, art galleries, artist studios, and encourage market players to carry out diversified cooperation with the International Art Expo, encourage embassies, international well -known art institutions and artists in various countries.Hold an art exhibition in Beijing.

In addition, Beijing will regulate the value evaluation process of cultural relics and art, establish and improve the insurance pricing system and claims system of cultural relic art, and support the financing of small and micro enterprises of cultural relics and artworks.

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